On Vidya Balan’s Birthday, Look At These 5 Times She Was Iconic

Vidya Balan Reels
Vidya Balan is one of the actors in Bollywood who doesn’t shy away from speaking the truth. Balan has spoken at length about the body image issues she suffered in her career and the state of women in the entertainment industry as well as society in general.

Vidya Balan turns 44 tomorrow and she only continues to inspire everyone to be more confident about who they are and stop taking orders from society. Balan has always chosen films selectively and she picks them in a way that justifies her role in them and that it doesn’t degrade anyone or any community. Here are a few times Vidya Balan proved that she is a badass person in the Bollywood industry.

5 Times Vidya Balan Was Iconic

  1. Vidya Balan in an interview with SheThePeople talked about how financial independence for women is very necessary yet in a regular Indian household when a woman carries out every other duty very smoothly, this one responsibility and right to know about money are taken away from them. She recalled a time when her father and she had a conversation about who would handle her finances after her father and he said, “should we set up a meeting with our financial consultant with Siddharth”. Referring to Balan’s husband Siddharth Roy Kapur whom his father assumed would take care of her finances. She said, “I told him, what you mean is, so far one man has been handling it and now another man will handle it and I have no role to play.” She later said that her father understood the situation.
  2. When Ranveer Singh recently posted a photo of himself bare-bodied, it stirred a lot of conversations online and some people who got offended by the photos filed an FIR against the actor. Some paparazzi had asked Balan what she thinks of the photo shoot and the way people are reacting and her answer were iconic and it went viral. She said, “Kya problem hain, pehli baar koi aadmi aisa kar raha hain, hume bhi thoda aankhe sekhne dijiye na”(what is the problem here, for the first time a man is doing something like this, let us enjoy it). She also suggested that the people who don’t like it should stop looking at it rather than filing an FIR.
  3. During a film promotion recently, Balan was asked if she faces any gender-discriminatory pattern at home, she shared an example of a situation that occurs in almost every home. Baland said that when their house help needs to speak to her or her husband, they think twice before bothering her husband if he is busy but doesn’t think much before approaching to her. She said, “I just think they feel the man is working and the woman is…doesn’t matter what I do.” Balan speaks for several women here as she points out the lack of importance a woman’s job is treated with and slowly it has become the norm.
  4. In another interview, Balan spoke about her body image issues and struggles to reach a certain body type after she heard harsh feedback on her body from people around her. Growing up as a chubby kid, her mother tried to get her into walking and exercising because she worried that Vidya was getting fat and that made her hate her own body because she thought it was a lot of torture to look beautiful. Then as she grew up she tried many crash diets and unhealthy ways of losing weight which only affected her body badly. Balan said, “Even at my thinnest I felt fat.” She has changed things for herself now and for that she followed a few things which are, eating without feeling guilty, sleeping well and accepting that her body will change with time and it doesn’t define who she is.
  5. In another interview with SheThePeople, Vidya Balan spoke about how she doubted herself as a woman and a public figure. She said, “As a girl, as a woman, I have judged myself a lot, you are always wondering if you will be accepted for who you are, being a public figure made me realise the only person I needed to validate is me and that did not happen overnight, it happened over a few years.” Watch the entire conversation here.

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