Why Are Women Shamed For Seeking Their Rights?

Even today, if an adult woman seeks her claim in her father’s property why she is shamed for seeking rights? Why are women shamed by society?

Let me start with a personal story here. My grandma who is 70+ right now called her younger step-brother who is 50+ as he was about to sell the whole piece of land that the siblings jointly own. Nani was notified by the government officials. Hence, she called him to ask for her share. But completely denying her rights to her father’s land, her brother shamed her for being a woman and further said he would defame her in their village for asking for her share in the property. Ironic as it seems, this same person was probably the sweetest person when he had called her to sign the papers she couldn’t read.

The other sisters of Nani were afraid by his claim of defaming in the village and sat quietly. But Nani being lived the maximum life of her’s in Mumbai was well aware of her rights. She informed him about her rights and calmly asked him to go and get advice from his lawyer. Post which he said that he would arrange a public ceremony to tell the whole village that Nani wants her share.

Seeking your rights

Now, why are women afraid of society? What exactly does society think that women fear? The society majorly in villages and towns thinks that women once married is someone else’s property. This is completely wrong thinking. A woman is her own person. She is not obliged to satisfy anyone but herself. Hence, when you as a woman want to seek your rights, be completely unapologetic.

And in the message to society, you did not contribute towards a woman’s comfort or success but have only caused her stress and mental health issues. It’s high time you stop shaming women for seeking their rights. Be it anywhere. And let it be against anyone. Family, strangers, or someone really powerful, trust in the judiciary system of the country and seek what you want.

The opinion expressed are the author’s own.