Important Ways To Practise Feminism at the Workplace

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If you are confused about whether your behaviour or that of a colleague is feminist or not, look for these things to practice feminism at workplace.

1. Ask before you blame

Are you sure someone did something wrong? Maybe you are but before you confront that person, remember that you don’t know their side of the story. Remember that it could be a misunderstanding. And if you explode with rage on this person, what happens if he/she is innocent? You wouldn’t want yourself to be in an awkward situation.

2. Equal opportunities

Sexism is a big no be it anywhere. All individuals must be given the same opportunities to grow and accelerate and must be not judged on the basis of their gender, caste, race etc. This also applies to giving promotions and increments to people.

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3. Sexist questions

At the workplace, we are all professionals, hence do not ask questions to a woman which you wouldn’t ask a man. Do not ask personal questions about when a woman plans to get married, have children etc and certainly not make that a premise for her work or potential slacking at work. We are all humans and have our highs and lows.

4. Stop blaming it on the ‘that time of the month’

Am I in a bad mood today? Maybe it’s because of the annoying traffic but no, it’s not my that time of the month. I can’t be on my period this frequently, please. Hence, stop stereotyping women’s mood swings with periods alone. There are tens of thousands of things that shift moods. And the annoying co-worker judging them to be on their periods is also one of them.

5. Equal pay

This is a very crucial point. The financial problems faced by individuals do not depend on their gender and nor does their productivity. These are individual traits and must be treated individually. And hence, every women deserves equal pay to a man and equal to a transgender as well.

6. Stop with the unhealthy rivalry

We are here to take something home. And let’s let that little bit be something positive instead of it being something awful. Positivity is always welcomed and reflected off by individuals and hence, one must strive to keep good relations without having unhealthy rivalry which doesn’t favour anyone’s growth.

7. Stop with the back-bitching

We all are guilty of it and gossiping is completely natural. But talking bad about someone all the time isn’t. In fact, what’s happening here is that you are surrounding yourself with negativity while the person who is the topic is completely unaware of what happens.

Secondly, beware with whom you back-bitch with, are they going to bust it someday, can you REALLY trust them with something so controversial? Think and decide.

8. Encourage honesty

It’s okay if a person wants to take a day off because they are mentally exhausted with the work. Let’s accept that as a very valid reason. So that the person doesn’t feel the need to lie. If a person’s truth is understood then he/she never feels the need to lie to anyone.

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