Meet Jamie Kah, The Only Female Jockey Of Melbourne Cup 2020

Jamie Kah

The Melbourne Cup, Australia’s most famous annual horse race is ready to set off on Tuesday, November 3. Jamie Kah, a 24-year-old jockey is the only female jockey to ride in the upcoming Melbourne Cup. Notably, she will be riding the much sought after contender Prince of Arran, a well-travelled racehorse which has previously raced in Dubai, Chester and New York.

Who is Jamie Kah

Jamie Kah originally hails from South Australia, where she was born and brought up around horses which eventually led her to pursue a career as a jockey. She is the daughter of former speed skaters John Kah and Karen Kah, who represented Australia at the 1992 Winter Olympics.

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Kah experienced a meteoric rise to fame having claimed Adelaide jockeys’ premiership in 2012/2013. She also bagged the John Letts medal for riding excellence in one season. Interestingly, Kah was still an apprentice when she achieved both these feats. However, Kah’s greatest victory was when she rode Sistine Demon racehorse in the Group III Victoria Handicap at Caulfield in 2014. In 2016-2017, Kah set a record in Australia for being the female rider with most wins to her credit in a single season. She also has the awards for metropolitan jockey of the year, country and provincial jockey of the year and SA’s jockey of the year in her kitty.

Jamie Kah’s most recent win was at Listed Durbridge Stakes. So far Kah is know to have rode 131 winners in her career. The most successful stable partnership for her has been Darryl Carrison, followed by John Macmillan in the past year.

 Melbourne Cup bets on Jamie Kah

In 2015, Kah’s close friend Michelle Payne became the first female rider to win the Melbourne Cup. Fans are noticing uncanny coincidences in the cup then and this time. Payne was the only female jockey in 2015 like Kah is in 2020. Surprisingly, Kah will be starting from the same gate as Payne did: barrier one. Moreover, as Payne rode the Prince of Penzance, Kah will also be riding a horse with a regal title.

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Punters, for the Melbourne Cup to be held on Tuesday, are putting bets on Kah as she is the only female jockey this year. As she has impressed everyone with her 23 percent wins over the past three months, the punters are quite sure of her success on Tuesday.

Image Credit: Herald Sun

Shikha Chandra is an intern with SheThePeople.TV.