These 6 Feminist Malayalam Movies Questioned Gender Stereotypes. When Are You Watching Them?

Vaanku to Trivandrum lodge, 6 feminist Malayalam movies to add to your watchlist.

Jul 30, 2021 11:49 IST
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Feminism In Malayalam Cinema ,Powerful Female Characters
Their female leads are more than just "the hero's love interest". Malayalam films have pushed audiences to explore different genres. From action to feminism, there's nothing the Malayalam film industry has not covered.  Women in Malayalam cinema have portrayed immensely powerful characters on screen. Here's a list of recommendation of feminist Malayalam movies that you should add to your watchlist right away.

6 Feminist Malayalam movies telling challenging stereotypes

1. Vaanku

The film is the story of Razia, a Muslim girl who aspires to sing aloud Adhan, the Islamic summons to prayer. But the social construct acts as an hindrance on the path of her dream. She does not want to sing it as a challenge to the community but only because she feels a spiritual connection to God. The movie is therefore all about a woman's battle against gender discrimination and right for choice and space.

2. Uyare

Uyare tells the tale of an aspiring pilot, Pallavi Raveendran. After she gets admission at a pilot training centre in Mumbai, her boyfriend Govind asks her to abandon her classes. Enraged, Pallavi breaks off with him. The next day, he throws acid on her because of which her eyesight weakens and her flight license is cancelled. But as the film proceeds, we see that Pallavi does not gives herself a second chance to dream with the help of Vishal, a man who comes to her rescue.

3. Naalu Pennungal


Naalu Pennungal introduces us to four women from different strata of the society. It tells the story of a prostitute whose marriage is not legally accepted, a virgin woman abandoned by her husband, a spinster accused of having an affair with her sister's husband and a childless housewife. It presents the dark realities of the society and women are exploited by the society. But each of the women are strong enough to live their lives on their own terms.

4. Kalimannu

Meera is an aspiring actor who gets married to Shyam, a taxi driver. Unfortunately, he meets with an accident and is declared brain dead. After this incident, his wife decides to donate his organs and goes for an artificial insemination so that she could have his child. The movie thus breaks the norms that surround pregnancy and motherhood.

5. 5 Sundarikkal

This is an anthology of 5 women centric short films- Sethulakshmi, Isha, Gauri, Kullante Bharya and Aami. The movie gained critical acclaim because of its experimental and bold content. Each of the women live their own lives until unexpected incidents result in twists.

6. Trivandram Lodge

A lodge in Trivandrum, Kerala forms a home for people from different walks of life. Their lives go into a state of tizzy with the entry of Dhwani, a woman who wants to live a sexually progressive life. Her study of the other inmates forms the plot of the movie. It courted controversy because of open discussions surrounding sex and lust.


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