Five Women Share How The Pandemic Taught Them To Take Charge Of The Household

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The COVID-19 outbreak has had miserable impacts on us and our loved ones. Ever since we have all been locked up at our homes, we have tried every other thing that can help us overcome the struggles. Some of us developed a new hobby and others decided to invest time in other productive activities. As for me, I thought of taking up household responsibilities. In the pre-COVID times, I never considered myself capable enough to bear all the troubles. But I was determined to take it up as a challenge and learn all that I could to help myself in the long run.

I must say that after more than a year of gaining experience, if I ever step out of my hometown and live by myself, I don’t have to survive solely on ready to make noodles. Just like me, there are many other young women who never thought that doing the household work was their cup of tea. But the circumstances have compelled them to become more responsible. Five such women share their experience with SheThePeople.

Undertaking household responsibilities after COVID-19 hit the families

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected many families. Young women whose parents are home quarantined after testing positive for the disease have now taken charge of the household. They believe it is challenging, but they are all gaining a lifetime experience.

Ankita Pandey, who is working as a teacher at an NGO after her Post Graduation said, “Some time back, my mother tested positive for COVID-19. She had to self isolate herself and maintain all the precautions to recover. We had to ask the domestic helper to take a leave, given the situation at home. So I took the responsibility of the household chores. I had rarely helped my mother in the housework. But I realised how much effort our mothers put in for us. It was quite a hassle to maintain both my job and household work but I tried my best to manage it”.

Aishwarya Menon, Senior Testing Executive at Infosys, Mysore told how her cousin is going through a tough phase in her life. “There’s one of my cousins living in the village area with her family. They are a family of 6 people. Her mother tested positive for COVID-19 and has now quarantined in a different house that has been lying empty for quite some time. She told me the other day that she wakes up around 6:00 in the morning to prepare meals and do the cleaning. Though the situation is taking a toll on her mental health, she is trying to cope up with it”.

Sanjana Tiwari (name changed on request), joined an online teaching platform as a teacher immediately after completing her Master’s Degree. But she had no option other than quitting her job after her parents tested positive for COVID-19. “I had joined an online coaching institute as an Economics teacher. After my parents tested positive for COVID, I had to quit my job as there is no one at home to look after them. First few days were difficult for me. But after that I learnt how to handle the household chores. I believe that these tough times have made me stronger and more responsible towards my family,” she said.

Vaccine after effects among elders

Diksha Kumari (name changed on request) said that her parents have taken the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. As an after effect of that, they are now suffering from fever. So the entire responsibility of the household is now on her shoulders. “After vaccination, my parents are suffering from fever and weakness. So, they are not able to carry out any task. I have decided to take up all the household responsibilities, so that they can have their share of rest. It is not very easy but at least I got an opportunity to learn”.

Household responsibilities, a learning experience

Akanksha Poorna has just started working as an Analyst. Ever since the 2020 lockdown took place, she has been helping her mother complete all the household chores. Poorna believes it to be a learning experience. “As someone who is not used to managing both household chores as well as work, this new situation has been a great learning experience. The only thing helping my mental state while being cooped up within small places is being busy and productive. Of course there is a certain amount of stress and anxiety for one’s loved ones but professional commitments at such a point are acting like a much-needed distraction”, she said.