What Is The XBB Variant of COVID-19? The Latest And Most Dangerous Variant

The chief scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that some countries would see a “wave of infections” with the XBB variant of COVID-19.

Ritika Joshi
Oct 21, 2022 04:52 IST
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The chief scientist at the World Health Organisation (WHO) said that some countries would see a “wave of infections” with the XBB variant of COVID-19. According to experts, the XBB variant is being considered as the most contagious variant.

The XBB is a subvariant of Omicron and a variant of COVID-19 virus. The chief scientist at the WHO Dr Soumya Swaminathan said there are over 300 subvariants of Omicron. She added that the XBB subvariant is the most concerning variant right now.

What Is XBB Variant of COVID-19?

  • Countries may see another wave of COVID-19 due to the XBB subvariant of Omicron, which is a variant of COVID-19. XBB is a hybrid version of two strains of the BA2 form of Omicron.
  • XBB is a recombinant virus and is immune-evasive, which means it can overcome antibodies. Due to this, experts are concerned about the variant and have touted it as the most contagious variant.
  • The XBB variant saw a rise in densely populated regions in Maharashtra, such as Mumbai, Pune, Thane, and Raigad.
  • The Maharashtra Health Department declared an over 17.7 percent rise in the number of cases between October 10 and 16.
  • The stronger variant of the COVID-19 virus is said to be a result of amassing changes in the virus’ spike surface protein.
  • It has 7 mutations on the spike protein and can evade the immune system and causes severe infection. It has caused concern as it is able to evade immunity that people have built up from having a previous COVID-19 infection and getting the vaccine.
  • The XBB variant spread in 17 countries. The variant was discovered in Singapore earlier this year, in August.
  • It is unclear if the virus can cause severe disease leading to hospitalisation. Doctors said hospitalisation would most likely be only required in emergency cases.
  • According to the chief scientist of WHO, the Director General of the WHO said that COVID-19 is still a public health emergency of international concern.
  • Swaminathan also spoke about the risk of long COVID.

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