10 Things To Know About RAT Kit For COVID-19 Self Testing

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RAT Kit For COVID-19 Self Testing: The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has issued an advisory with a set of instructions for COVID-19 self-testing at homes using Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kit.

With the second wave of the pandemic, India continues to witness rising cases all over the country. In an initiative to make the testing situation for COVID-19 better, The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has allowed self-testing on May 19. The newly issued advisory stated that the self-testing process using RATs is advised only for individuals who either have symptoms or who have been in contact with COVID-19 positive patients.

The RAT Kit for COVID-19 self testing will be manufactured by MyLab Discovery Solutions Ltd. based in Pune, Maharashtra. ICMR also provided a link that gives instructions and demonstrations.

10 Things To Know About RAT Kit For COVID-19 Self Testing

  • The name of the RAT kit manufactured by MyLab Discovery Solutions Ltd. is CoviSelfTM(PathoCatch) COVID-19 OTC Antigen LF device.
  • A manual that describes the testing process will be attached with every kit. If one has more questions, the ICMR has attached video links that demonstrate the steps and processes to be followed by users.
  • According to the Hindustan Times, the test kit will be available for purchase in the market in about a week and will be priced at โ‚น250 per kit.
  • Only a nasal swab is required for the Rapid Antigen Test. The RAT kit comes in a pouch and contains a nasal swab, a pre-filled extraction tube, and one test card.
  • Users of RAT kits are also advised to download the MyLab Coviself app on their smartphones and fill in the necessary information on the app. The app is available both on Google Play and App Store.
  • The mobile app also provides information and the result for RAT kit users. After administering the test, one has to wait for 15 minutes for the results. Any result that appears after 20 minutes is considered invalid. All users are advised to click a picture of the test strip after completing the test procedure.
  • There will be two sections on the test cardโ€”the control section or the โ€˜Cโ€™ section and the test section or the โ€˜Tโ€™ section. If the bar on the card shows up only at the โ€˜Cโ€™ section, the result is negative. If the bar appears on both the โ€˜Cโ€™ section and โ€˜Tโ€™ section, the test results in positive.
  • ICMR notifies that individuals who test positive from Rapid Antigen Test do not require additional laboratory testing. They are also advised to follow home isolation and care as per the ICMR & Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (MoH&FW) protocol.
  • On the other hand, those who test negative with symptoms may further opt for RT-PCR testing. Individuals who test negative but have symptoms may also be treated as suspect COVID-19 cases.
  • ICMR also clearly advised that there should be no indiscriminate testing. Only individuals who have been experiencing symptoms or ones who have been in contact with a confirmed coronavirus positive patient are encouraged to administer the test.