Man Praises His Healthcare Worker Wife For Never Taking A Break During Pandemic

As a man took to Twitter to praise his wife for continuing her work as a healthcare worker during the pandemic, let's take a look at frontline workers such as healthcare workers and the unimaginable stress they are under.

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A man praised his healthcare worker wife who works in a government hospital during their second marriage anniversary.

The woman works in the Out Patient Department (OPD). After her husband, Somesh Upadhyay suggested taking a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she replied that the pandemic means that her service is required now more than ever and continued working.

Frontline Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Frontline workers are workers that work directly with customers or the public and provide them with goods and services. Healthcare workers, first responders (police officers), grocery store workers, public transit workers, postal service workers, etc. are frontline workers. These essential workers are required to go out and do their jobs as they cannot be done from home.

Healthcare Workers During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Mental Health America hosted a survey about the plight of healthcare workers during the pandemic, and it was reported that:

  1. 93 per cent of healthcare workers were experiencing stress. 86 per cent were experiencing anxiety. 76 per cent were experiencing exhaustion, and 75 per cent stated they were overwhelmed.
  2. 76 per cent of the workers with children were worried about exposing their children to COVID-19, around 50 per cent were worried about exposing their partner to COVID-19, and 47 per cent were worried about exposing their older family members to COVID-19.
  3. 39 per cent of the workers felt like they were not receiving adequate emotional support. At 45 per cent, nurses were less likely to feel like they had emotional support.
  4. 82 per cent of the healthcare workers reported emotional exhaustion, 70 per cent reported trouble sleeping, and 63 per cent reported work-related dread.

The Indian government decided to cancel an existing insurance scheme of Rs 50 lakh for the frontline workers in healthcare, who died while working during the pandemic. The Union Health Ministry officials stated that the government will be signing a new agreement with a new insurance company till April 24. A circular sent out by the Union Health Ministry last month stated that the scheme had concluded on March 24, and only 287 claims had been processed till then.

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