All Above 18 Years Of Age Eligible For COVID-19 Vaccine Now, Here’s All You Need To Know

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COVID19 Vaccination Phase 3 would begin on May 1, 2021, in India. PM Modi made some crucial announcements earlier today.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired an important meeting on the COVID-19 related situation at 11:30 am today. It was noted from the announcements that the ‘government has been working hard for over a year to ensure that maximum numbers of Indians are able to get the vaccine in the shortest possible of time.’

PM Modi added, “India is vaccinating people at world record pace and we will continue this with even greater momentum.”

1. All above 18 years of age are eligible for the vaccine

The meeting made the important decision of giving the COVID vaccine to all the adults in the country. All individuals above the age of 18 years would be eligible for the vaccine.

The government in its statement said, “All adults will be vaccinated in “a liberalised and accelerated Phase 3 strategy of COVID-19 vaccination.”

2. How to register for the vaccine

  1. Open Aarogya Setu or Cowin.gov.in website.
  2. The app will require registration using your mobile number. After you enter your number, hit the submit button. Enter the OTP you receive.
  3. In the Aarogya Setu app, you will see the tabs like Your status, COVID updates, Vaccination and CoWIN. Click on the Vaccination tab. And login using your mobile number.
  4. After entering the OTP, a registration page will appear. Fill in the details like Photo ID number, Beneficiary details, gender, birthday etc.
  5. A user can register up to 4 beneficiaries using the same mobile number.
  6. In order to schedule the appointment click on the Calendar icon displayed on the screen.
  7. This icon will direct you to the “Book Appointment for Vaccination” page. Fill in the details like State/UT, District, Block and Pincode. After you are done filling in the details click on the search button to find the list of vaccination centres around you.
  8. After you hit search, a list of vaccination centres will be displayed on the basis of the details that you have filled in. Certain centres would be providing the vaccine for free while ou can also opt for the centres that charge for the vaccine. Remember paying or not paying for the vaccine is our personal choice. You have vaccine available for free as well in the relevant centre.
  9. After you choose the centre, go ahead and check the details that you have filled in. An appointment confirmation page would appear where you can check these details. After you are done checking, hit the confirm button.
  10. After you are done with the whole process, download the confirmation of the appointment. Keep the pdf doc or screenshot with you.

3. Phase 3 starts May 1

Phase 3 of the vaccination drive will begin on May 1st wherein all adults would be eligible to be given the first dose of the COVID vaccine.

4. Transparency with the vaccine manufacturers

Earlier the states were dependent on the centre for procurement of vaccines, now they can directly source them from the manufacturers and prioritise anyone above the age of 18 for vaccination indicating a more transparent platform between the state and vaccine manufacturers.

5. Vaccinations would be captured on CoWIN platform

All vaccination (through Govt. of India and Other than Govt. of India channel) would be part of the National Vaccination Programme, and mandated to follow all protocol such as being captured on CoWIN platform, linked to AEFI reporting and all other prescribed norms.

6. 50% distribution of vaccines to states and others from manufacturers

The vaccines that are manufactured would be equally distributed. 50% would go to the government of India and the other 50% would go to the states and open market. The Government of India will allow the imported fully ready to use vaccines to be entirely utilized in the other than Govt. of India channel. Private Vaccination providers shall transparently declare their self-set vaccination price.

7. Vaccine manufacturers to start supply in the open market

Manufacturers would transparently make an advance declaration of the price for 50% supply that would be available to State Govts. and in the open market, before 1st May 2021.

8.  Allocation of vaccine by centre on the criteria of extent of infection

The vaccines that the centre receives would be distributed among the states on the basis of the criteria of the extent of the infection. Another criterion that would be considered is the wastage of vaccines made by the state.

9. Second dose of vaccine

The second dose of the COVID19 vaccines of the priority groups would be prioritised whenever it is due. These groups include the HCWs, FLWs and population above 45 years.

10. Which COVID-19 Vaccines have been approved so far?

There are three vaccines that have been given the Emergency Use Authorisation. Two of them are made by the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech, Covisheld and Covaxin. The third one is Sputnik Vwhich is manufactured in Russia and imported in.

The Home Ministry and Health Ministry are monitoring the data from ten states with high Covid19 positive cases. The states being Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, and Uttar Pradesh.

The states are being advised to implement the five-step strategy. The strategy was about ‘Test, Track, Treat, Follow (COVID-appropriate behaviour) and Vaccinate’. The respective authorities of the states were told to scale up testing and to ensure that at least 70 per cent of all tests are RT-PCR. Those testing negative with the RAT (rapid antigen tests) kit need to take an RT-PCR test. Maharashtra recorded the highest single-day spike of 68,631 cases of Covid-19.