PM Modi, Priyanka Chopra And Akshay Kumar Got Vaccinated In Bihar Hospital?

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A data fraud case has surfaced that shows high profile names like PM Modi, Priyanka Chopra, Akshay Kumar and Amit Shah included in the vaccination list of a Bihar Hospital. The District Magistrate and Health Minister of Bihar are investigating the matter, as per reports.

The case came out as a big blunder on the part of Bihar Government, while the vaccination lists uploaded by Karpi community centre on the portal were being reviewed. The name of the high profile celebrities were included multiple times in the list. Names of politicians like Sonia Gandhi, Amit Shah and PM Modi and actors like Akshay Kumar and Priyanka Chopra were stated as vaccinated on the list in the Arwal district health center.

Bihar Vaccination Fraud:

As soon as the issue came in the eyes of the higher authorities, two computer operators were suspended immediately. The District Magistrate of Arwal district J Priyadarshini told NDTV that FIR has been lodged against the health center. She also said that inquiry is being conducted to look into all the health centers for such frauds and faults.

Mangal Pandey, the Health Minister, also said that proper investigations are going on and the culprits will face harsh actions. The computer operators were seized immediately as per reports. He was also questioned about another case from Patna where people who went for their second dose at a vaccination center were told that they had already received the second dose as per the records. To this, the Health Minister said that these are technical errors and there is no scope for errors in this.

The official data states that 8,63,12,902 doses have been administered in Bihar. 5,53,77,427 people have taken the first dose, while 3,09,35,475 have been fully vaccinated.

Nationwide, about 50 per cent of the adult population has been fully vaccinated, as per official statements.

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