Which Is Your Favourite Patriotic Song And Why?

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Among the plethora of things that define Independence Day, one is the atmosphere of pride and love towards one’s country that patriotic songs create. Keeping in mind the rich legacy our freedom fighters have left behind, there is no dearth of patriotic songs celebrating our freedom and reiterating why we must value it.

SheThePeople.Tv spoke to some women to know what their favourite patriotic songs are and why.

Nishat Mukaddam, Founder of WedLista Technologies Pvt. Ltd., says that she loves listening to Ae Watan from the film Raazi as it is so beautifully written and shot.

“This song is fresh and evokes the same feelings of pride, sacrifice and love for our nation. This song is on my mind these days and it’s my favourite because I see my 7-year-old niece learning the culture and showing her love for the country like I do when she sings this song,” she says.

“My favourite Independence Day song is Vande Mataram. I have been listening to it since childhood and it still sends shivers down my spine listening to it. It not only speaks volumes about freedom but also gives a sense of independence. As a women entrepreneur, both freedom and independence are crucial to one’s success in order to move forward,” Sakshi Talwar, Founder of Rugs and Beyond tells SheThePeople.Tv.

Ae Mere Watan Ke Logon tops my chart of patriotic songs. Growing up abroad, I have memories of singing it for the 15th August functions held by and for the Indian community. Now years later, as an army wife, I understand the lyrics that commemorate the soldiers from all corners of India. These young bravehearts sacrifice so much, even their lives, to keep the Tiranga flying high. We owe our freedom and sovereignty to the Indian Army,” says JyotsnaAtre, Founder of Kids’ Edition.


Shibani Vig, Founder of Wonderful World, says that she finds Hum Honge Kamyaab to be a very inspiring song. It stirs something in her heart and makes her feel extremely hopeful.

“I feel a general kinship with every human being when I hear and sing this. I sing it very often with my son,” she shares.

“Bela, Gulaab, Juhi, Champa Chameli,

Pyaare pyaare full ghoonthe mala main ek hain”,

PujaUchil, Director at Sikkim Himalayan Academy, feels that these lyrics from the song Hind Desh Ke Niwasi breathe of Unity in Diversity. In these times of caste and religious discrimination, clashes over language and location, this song is a good reminder of why India must remain united despite of all the diversity in the country.

Which is your favourite patriotic song and why? Share with us.