Womanhood isn't Easy, but it's Fascinating says Kaveri Rao

STP Editor
Nov 24, 2017 05:46 IST

Womanhood isn't easy and at the same time, it is quite fascinating. Numerous roles bring along a lot of responsibilities, especially once you embrace motherhood. Leaving an established career to take care of the family is one of the hardest decisions to ever make and she is still happy as it's for a larger purpose -  her own family.


Later, somewhere deep down sinks the fact that her individual Identity is lost in the myriad roles and the decision on which she was proud once, becomes the 'not so good' decision of her life. Perhaps due to the continuous conflict between what she wants and what is wanted of her leading to a turbulent inner peace. Therefore, with an intention to have inner peace women must start doing what they like, something which helps them to regain their balance. This 'something' could be converting their hobbies into a profession or maybe turning it into a small start-up business.

The three words which women want to hear these days are NOT "I love you" it's rather "work from home"!

Jokes apart, the basic idea is once we become busy doing something for our own self, we realise our self-worth, our strengths, limitations and our ability to take meaningful decisions and above all, we are our "own boss". We become responsible for who we are and what we do. The development of a beautiful inner self which in my opinion is empowerment.


Once we start-up with our own venture, we need to market it and create awareness. Here, an entrepreneur goes digital, it's a world of being digital after all. To become technologically sound, we learn different tools to promote our venture, and at one point we think ...hold on, wow! Did I just learn to use this tool??  And we become techno-savvy. The decision-making ability and facing different people (a few whom we may never want to meet again!) boosts our fill a notch higher. It takes away the thought from us at that point in time when we used to think " I am good for nothing".

 Working from home and making money gives a sense of financial independence.

Bank accounts in our name, venture websites, digital marketing are the added factors. Being an entrepreneur is not a smooth road, it's a roller coaster ride on which we all are likely to make mistakes. Each mistake is an opportunity to do something better.


We, as women sometimes tend to restrict ourselves as far as different working sectors are concerned. The current sectors which women find appealing are freelancing, blogging, content writing or maybe reselling for that matter. But any new venture comes with an added compulsion of having a unique approach with a creative touch.

I am from the research field, never knew that I would be the admin of a Facebook city chapter and organising events for moms.

If I hadn't kept an open mind, then I think I wouldn't have known the qualities in me that was waiting to be explored and exploited.

I realised that through my work if am able, to contribute to a woman's life, gives me the immense self-satisfaction of doing something good.  It's totally symbiotic in a way that in my current role, I get to meet so many women who inspire me in some way or the other.


Women entrepreneurship has indeed become a game-changing. It gives more options to work from home, seeding of the new ideas and their implementations. It also adds to the significant socio-economic contributions.

If one opts for an odd path that doesn't mean that it's wrong, it's just been nicely different which will help women create a niche for themselves.

 Oprah Winfrey has said and I couldn't agree more.


"Once you start making changes, suddenly everything seems possible".

So, more power, more strength and more EMPOWERMENT to us!! Cheers to womanhood.

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Kaveri Rao heads the Ahmedabad chapter for First Moms Club. 

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