As a communications expert, I often get asked about trends in the industry. While I don’t possess a crystal ball, my decades of experience certainly enhance my ability to tap into a few key trends.

So here are a few burgeoning trends I foresee that will be huge in 2017:

Digital Marketing

No surprises here — digital is going to be bigger than ever before. People these days are spending an average of 118 minutes per day on Social Media alone. Naturally, brands are increasingly seeing the value of jumping online and creating more digital assets (such as blogs, email marketing, online brochures) in addition to a standard web presence. This is why strategy-backed content marketing, mobile marketing, and videos will definitely dominate in 2017.


Being a vital communication element, packaging will go beyond mere functionality and take centerstage in 2017. We’ve seen food tech brands already creating engaging, memorable packaging, and this trend is likely to stick. When it comes to Pink Lemonade, we’re looking forward to all the exciting packaging work ‘pouring’ in.

Brand assessment

Today, your brand is no longer what you tell your consumers it is; it’s what the consumers tell each other. In such a landscape, it becomes imperative to correctly gauge the positioning of your brand — both in the minds of consumers as well as your own employees. In 2017, I foresee companies seriously looking at brand assessment and going down the branding route to market their products more efficiently. Clearly, brands that foster an active brand community among users will see an increase in revenue and customer loyalty.

Reduction in UI/UX

Contrary to the hype surrounding UI/UX, there is likely to be a reduction in the copious amounts of UI/UX work coming from companies in 2017. I feel that most things are templatized today. Certain best practices have emerged and everyone will adhere to them. After all, beyond a certain level, how different can an app be?

So there you have it. My predictions for 2017. Do you agree? Leave a comment below… I’d love to hear from you!