Thought Leadership To Be The Buzzword For Blogging World In 2019

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With an attention span of three seconds, the online generation is a rather difficult audience set to please for any content creator. More so for a blogger, who is competing with close to 36 million websites when it comes to building a reader base.

Hence some cheat code in the form of a vision board or future trends go a long way in easing this process. For example, we at Blogchatter spent our entire December month to analyze and understand what 2019 will look like for the content industry as a whole. After a long-drawn discussion spanning days, we concluded that Thought Leadership is going to be a huge buzzword for the blogging world everywhere. Which is also our 2019 theme this time.

Keeping this as a basis, the following trends can be seen for blogging in 2019:


Despite the buzz around online conversations, even today a successful online measure is the impact it creates in an offline world. Some of the low hanging fruits to facilitate these could be – holding city meetups of your readers, participating in a rally or a movement offline that resonates with your blogging message or as simple as attending the right offline events and covering them on your blog as a measure of the online-offline connect.

Unique Voice

Of the 36 million websites out there, what is it so special about you that a reader must visit? When it comes to a blog, a reader is usually interested in knowing the person behind the content – hence a personal touch or a unique tone go a long way in creating a permanent recall. Further tapping a loyal readership.

Social Media Video Lives

While enough has been said about social media overall, 2019 is going to see a lot of topical / live content plugged through blogs everywhere. Use Facebook / Instagram lives to speak about your blogging topics before making them live – this way you create a ready audience for your long form content and also evoke a pre-publish engagement that can be further accelerated to your blog.


One of the most rookie mistakes that a blogger can make is not given importance to the presentation of their content. With attention span running close to three seconds, we need to accept that skimming and not reading is a more natural way for our audience today. So highlighting keywords, keeping an easy light colour background to text, putting the right kind of images, breaking into paragraphs, etc. are key elements to sustain readability of our posts.

Highlighting keywords, keeping an easy light colour background to text, putting the right kind of images, breaking into paragraphs, etc. are key elements to sustain readability.

Thought Leadership

Last but not the least, thought leadership has been the buzzword internationally for the last few years now. While bloggers everywhere today are influencers in their own right, the one level up of this influence is thought leadership – building a clear-cut voice above the rest. Thought leadership can be enhanced by arming yourself with the right kind of certifications, speaking at conferences or as simple as being recommended by a set of online audience on their own channels. The journey to becoming a thought leader is long but one that needs to start in 2019.

The above five trends can be used as a simple roadmap to take your blog to the next level. So, without wasting a minute, get your pens and paper and start drawing the vision board of your 2019 Blogging Calendar!

Richa Singh is a TEDx Speaker and the founder of BlogChatter. The views expressed are the author’s own.