Law must Remain Unbreakable for Stars and Commoners Alike

Nimisha Bansal
Apr 10, 2018 05:42 IST
Salman Khan

The Jodhpur court recently passed a breakthrough judgement regarding the infamous Blackbuck poaching case that occurred in 1998. The court found Salman Khan guilty of killing two blackbucks, and awarded him a sentence of 5 years. However, he has been granted bail after two days of jail time.


The law must remain impenetrable

The conviction needs to be viewed from a rational point of view, segregating the actor's reel life from the real life. The law relies upon its equal implications on every citizen. His conviction comes as a celebratory moment for all advocates of the law, who profess the need for equality. However, a declaration of guilt doesn't guarantee an impartial treatment towards the actor, as evident from his quick bail from the prison.

Misuse of power and unfair proceedings


Misuse of power and unfair proceedings are the unfortunate reality of our legal system, owing to its loopholes, the case of Sanjay Dutt and his jail time (rather, his parole time) serves as an example. After 20 years of uncertainty, the judgement raises questions about its lack of pace and on time conviction. Justice delayed can be justice denied. Nonetheless, judgement reinforces our faith in the present legal scenario.

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Charity doesn't justify wrongdoings


Considering Salman's popularity and fan following, it wasn't surprising to find the internet divided by the conviction. Some hailed this as a landmark step towards ensuring that the guilty is put behind bars despite his social status. His fans, on the other hand, have come to their heart throb's rescue. A sea of tweets and posts emerged, which focused on Salman's association with his social venture Being Human and his contributions towards social change. However, violation of law in no way can be justified on the grounds of doing charity for a social cause. Charity doesn't substitute crime.

However, violation of law in no way can be justified on the grounds of doing charity for a social cause.

One isn't convicted, doesn't mean the other shouldn't either


The fans have also raised the point of how many people in power, who are linked to criminal activities are roaming free. And a person like Salman Khan, who brings a smile to millions of Indians' faces through his work is being convicted for a mistake he committed years ago. While I agree that such people and political leaders must be convicted for their indulgence, that doesn't mean we can argue for setting Salman Khan free. Indian law works slowly and one can only hope that such people would be held accountable some day.

However, until that day comes, whatever judgements are passed and cases are solved, will help us to move towards that glorious day. With a  person of such reputation and stature being convicted, we must revive our hope in the judiciary. A celebration of law and its acceptance is integral to this entire issue.

Salman Khan might have been convicted but whether his conviction will be fairly implemented or not is unpredictable. However, his case teaches us a valuable lesson of how the law must function in an unbiased way. It is high time that his fans start making peace with his conviction and rather than cribbing about it, start looking forward to a new start in the actor's life. After all, a clean slate is the best way to move ahead!

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Nimisha is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views presented are author's own.

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