Rape by two men not gang rape, says Karnataka Home Minister

Many ministers have come under the scanner for their comments on women or violence against women. Not realizing the sensitivity of the whole matter, another minister K J Goerge, Home Minster of Karnataka is the latest one to make a highly obnoxious comment on the gang rape of a 22-year-old BPO employee by the cleaner and the driver of the van that the girl had hired in the country’s IT hub.

“How can you say gangrape? Gangrape means four-five people,” George said while replying to a query on Wednesday, reports Indian Express.

Instantly, criticism for the comment started coming from everywhere including politics and media. The National Commission for Women took its own action and sent a notice to George.

“We have asked for an immediate explanation, failing which he will be summoned by the Commission. He doesn’t even know what rape means and that is why he has commented like this. He is another example of a person who comments on violence over women without pondering over it,” said NCW Chief Lalitha Kumaramangalam, as per DNA.

He also received critical comments from the opposition BJP who called his comments “insensitive”. After that, George realized his mistake and tried to save the situation by apologizing for it.

“See public perception of the gangrape is a group of people openly raping a girl or a lady. That is a public perception, I said. It was two people involved. They were already been arrested when the question was asked (by the media), and what I feel it is condemnable heinous crime and we have taken action hands down,” said the minister, reported in DNA.

This is not the first time that the minister has made such a comment. Last year also when questions on the city were raised over an increase in sexual assault towards minor girls in school, George had “blamed the media for highlighting “only such news” and projecting Bengaluru as “a rape city” to increase their ratings,” said the Home Minister of Karnataka, states Hindustan Times.

It is highly upsetting to see that the ministers we have elected for the safety and the security of the nation sometimes do not think before speaking and make comments on issues that have been an on-going fight for each person of the society.

Picture Credit- Deccan Chronicle