Priyanka Chopra Laughing In Her Wedding Pictures Is All Of Us

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Pictures of Priyanka Chopra laughing during her wedding proceedings have irked many gatekeepers of Indian culture. While we cannot stop fawning over her colourful and vivacious mehendi attire, the cool and joyful vibe of her destination wedding pictures, there are many who just couldn’t get over the fact that a bride was having the time of her life at her own wedding. According to them, it is a crime for a bride to look so happy or rather express her joy so openly during her wedding.

This, however, isn’t the first time an Indian actor has squashed the tradition of being a coy bride. Just a couple of days ago, we were bestowed with pictures of Deepika Padukone enjoying her destination wedding to the fullest.

However, it is yet to dawn on many people in our country, that the modern Indian bride is tired of looking as glum as a four-year-old on her first day at school, at her wedding. She would rather laugh and enjoy the proceedings than look like she is being forced to get married at a gunpoint.


In India, weddings are more about putting up a show for attendees and photographers, than uniting with someone you love. The reason why these brides seem so joyful, is because they are in absolute control of their lives. They are marrying someone they love, amidst a gathering of family and friends. They have earned their own money and can spend it on lavish destinations and on clothes and jewellery of their choice. Why would any bride want to look glum, when everything about her marriage is in sync with her wishes?


  • Some people are criticising Priyanka Chopra for laughing out loud during her wedding to Nick Jonas.
  • The reason why these brides seem so joyful, is because they are in absolute control of their lives.
  • Why would any bride want to look glum, when everything about her marriage is in sync with her wishes?

Women in our country are always expected to be coy, subdued and “well-behaved” on all occasions.

The only emotion we are allowed to express is that of sadness. A girl can cry heartily at the time of her bidai. But if she chooses to enjoy her sangeet or laugh heartily, or heavens forbid, look at the groom in the eye and chit-chat with him throughout the proceedings, then she is shameless. More often than not, it is women themselves who shove these dictates on other women. But isn’t it awkward to sit next to each other and pretend to be strangers, for the sake of putting up a show of being a coy bride?

We all have encountered snide remarks from extended female relatives or even friends during weddings. They show no inhibition in shaming or reprimanding a bride for giggling or laughing or even talking to the groom.

It is not just Priyanka or Deepika, who refuse to look pensive and coy at their wedding ceremony. Those who cannot digest Chopra’s laughter should perhaps look closely at the new age Indian brides, the next time they are at a wedding. The attitude of women towards matrimony and womanhood itself is changing. They are striving to reclaim their space and independence from binding decrees. Brides today are entering matrimony on their own terms. So they might as well have the weddings on their own terms. It is none of anyone’s business to label a woman’s behaviour as inappropriate. Be it before, during or after her marriage. So enjoy the pics, gawk at the dresses and destination and feel happy. Keep the policing to your head, because if you put it out of your lips, you will only get dissed for putting your two cents worth of opinion where it doesn’t belong.

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