Monica Jasuja puts you through a challenge to ensure a headstart to 2017- ready?

So the end of 2016 is here. Finally, I say the time to reflect, introspect and YES, take a break is here. As work starts winding up with the year end break in sight, you must be thinking that this is yet another article about introspection and how to set things right next year. No, think again. [Feature Image Credit: Velindaba.co.za]

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I am sure your year end appraisal discussion focused on what went wrong, what you didn’t do right, what you didn’t achieve. Hopefully there was also a generous dash of what you excelled at also. Too much focus on the what not’s versus what is, right? I think so too. So taking a cue:  Why not use the next few days to instead rejoice in what was: the good, happy, positive things that impacted you in 2016 and use a 21 day exercise (another 21 day challenge) to march into 2017 fresh and full of gratitude.

Monica Jasuja puts you through a challenge to ensure a headstart to 2017- ready?

Gratitude changes who we are and hence what we do. By acknowledging and expressing gratitude for the good in your life, you will invite more of it. So here goes – I give you a list of 21 questions to ask yourself- you can use these or any others you may like: answer one question each day by writing the answer as succinctly as possible and completing this exercise without a break to complete the 21 days cycle.

  1. Name someone you influenced socially this year and describe what you did? (For example: I helped someone start blogging basis a request received via social interaction)
  2. Provide one holiday destination you visited this year, including 5 things you enjoyed doing most there
  3. What new habit did you pick up this year? (For example: Writing a blog post every 2 weeks)
  4. What is one selfless thing you did this year that you are proud of? (for example: I volunteered my time at an old age home for a couple of hours per week in March)
  5. What compliment have you received the most at work this year? (For example: She is such a go-getter. She’s the most empathetic leader I know)
  6. Name one new person you met this year and have since become good friends with (For example: I met Priya at an event and now she is my go to person to be a sounding board for work related discussions)
  7. How did you celebrate your birthday?
  8. Count and write down the number of days you took off from work (excluding Saturdays and Saturdays)
  9. What is your big achievement at work that earned you praise? (For example: steering a project with extreme timelines to success)
  10. Which new-year resolution did you achieve?
  11. Write down one quote that inspired you the most this year (For example: this too shall pass)
  12. What activities did you indulge in for basic self-preservation? (For example: yearly health checkup, medical tests, monthly spa treatment)
  13. What is that one purchase this year that made you extremely happy? (For example: a designer bag, an ipad, a new glittering phone)
  14. When did you binge watch a TV show and how many hours of continuous viewing was it?
  15. How did you celebrate your anniversary?
  16. Which celebrity/role model/VIP did you run into as a matter of chance? (For example: Amitabh Bachchan, Rahul Gandhi)
  17. Which movie tugged at your heart strings this year?
  18. Describe one activity you repeated on many Sundays and truly enjoyed? (For example: Walking in Lodhi gardens with your best friend)
  19. Provide one item you identified this year to be included in your bucket list? (For example: running a 21k)
  20. Describe how you overcame a big challenge (just one) at work? (For example: managing someone you don’t get along with)
  21. Which Facebook photo of yours got appreciated the most and why? (For example: a sky diving pic where I was appreciated for my bravery to attempt something so wild)

Let’s checkin in 2017 beginning- post your results and tell me what your experience was and if you enjoyed the 21 day exercise.

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About the author: Monica Jasuja is a Payments Ninja specializing in Digital Payments Initiatives to further India’s progress as a less cash dependent economy. She is a Product Strategist with work experience in 4 geographies globally and brings knowledge and firsthand experience of designing, developing products with the wow factor. This article expresses her personal views, and not those of any of her employers—past, present or future. Monica is available on Twitter: @jasuja