Moms mean business at work, mothers at home by Seema Dholi

Moms Meaning Business

 Mom means Business at Work- It is journey where you want to go without losing yourself as an Individual or a Mom along the way.

The experience of being both a mom and a business owner is unique for each of us. There just isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan. But, by being really clear about who you are, what you want, and how you define success, you can begin to craft a sustainable plan that will get you on your way.

To Overcome the challenges that you will face.

The first step: you have to know yourself, you have to acknowledge your priorities and values, you have to take stock of your circumstances, and you have to know how all of these inform you as you make decisions about your future. You have to do a self- inventory as to where you stand and what can be done.

Mom at Work

Farm2Kitchen founder Seema Dholi with her son in organic farms

The second step is about getting your business from Point A to Point B and managing “it all”. You have to take stock of your strengths, skills, passions, and other valuable resources, and help you determine how best to use them to succeed in business. You must create a business plan and begin to determine what steps you’ll need to take to reach your version of success.

Third and most important of all being a Mom Entrepreneur is time management so you can plot out your Hours, days and weeks and how to handle the dips, delays, roadblocks, and other frustrations that you are sure to meet along the way. For me, Time is Money, it’s like I have Rs.24 to spend in a day and how should I use it.

Since owning your own business while being a mom has the potential for burnout, you’ll need to build in some time to relax, play, exercise and just be.

Growing your startup while being a mother

It was not easy, initially I spent some time on deeply studying my venture, Marketing strategy and deep understanding on e-comm etc Then, I worked on Time management.

Things to do today– I made a plan for every day, week or month, and worked on it, I had a set target which was realistic as per my child schedule, I used to work from Home so that I am available at home if need be. I always used to plan my meetings or calls during his nap time. You must set a time table for your child which will not only help you but also help him in long run.

Gradually, I involved my child in my work- He used to visit with me to all the farms and he starting loving it, as soon as he started understanding, I would educate him about my business, how it works? Why I wish to do it? He basically got involved. Today he is 7, and is well versed about our business and has accepted that my Mom is living her dreams.

Share your story for other mothers. Get the business plan in place

Mothers should first take time to understand what they want to do. Their business plan should be in paper and pen, what all they need initially to start with. 

And as I said time-management is most important. A child demands a lot of time from a mother, that’s the only important thing that comes in between. But I believe that Time is a created thing, if you want and you have passion to be something you create time for yourself. I have one child today but what if I had one more child, will I create time for only one? My work is my 2nd child, and I shall never compromise on one to grow another.

I personally feel that we women can do 3-4 things at a time and all that to perfection, Infact, we all do it in our everyday life just that we don’t realise.

Second most important is that you should choose the work you love to do coz when you love your work you don’t feel stressed.

But in the end, I would like to say that we women do need Family support to help us live our dreams, coz “Behind every successful women there is a loving and supporting Family.”

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