Kim Kardashian, Glorifying Anorexia is Misleading Your Fans

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
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Kim Kardashian has never been an endorser of body positivity, but by glorifying anorexia, she may put many young women in harm’s way.  Time and again Kardashian does something outrageous such as endorsing appetite suppressant lollipops, which makes us question her intentions. Does Kim not realise that she is an idol of numerous young women around the world? Does she forget that her every reaction is closely analysed by her fans? Her latest stunt only reaffirms that Kim puts much thought into her actions.


The Independent has reported that in a series of videos posted to her Instagram story on Sunday, Kardashian is seen spending time with younger sisters Khloe and Kendall Jenner, both of whom comment on her body shape and size. They repeatedly call her skinny, while Kim is seen basking in their comments. At one point, Khloe goes on to explain that despite her “voluptuous” curves, she thinks Kim is “anorexic” at her waist and arms. This, however, only adds to Kim’s delight, who thanks her sisters for their “compliments”.

Being anorexic is dangerous and not worth glamourising

There are a million reasons why we do not need the Kardashian sisters in our social lives and this video is a big one.

Kim Kardashian, an icon of youth squealed in happiness at being called skinny and anorexic. This is not okay. It sends a disturbing message to her admirers, that being beautiful is synonymous with being anorexic. While the world is trying to rid itself of this dangerous malice that affects numerous women, by endorsing being skinny, Kim could drag them back into a hell of starvation, body dysmorphia, depression and desperation to grow thin.


  • In a series of videos on Instagram, Kim Kardashian can be seen enjoying her sisters' compliments on being skinny and anorexic. Perhaps Kim doesn't realise how harmful anorexia is.
  • It seems insensitive and irresponsible on her part to glamourise anorexia.
  • When will celebs like her stop telling young women that you are only beautiful if you are skinny?

Was Kim even thinking about the kind of message her delighted squeals were sending? Do we need young women to watch this mindless exchange and feel they are ugly? Kim has made “looking anorexic” into a compliment. Does she even know what kind of struggles anorexic women go through?

Almost every woman in our society lives with a sense of insecurity about her body. Body shaming pushes numerous women and girls to take extreme measures to be able to fit in the bracket of looking good. It leads to low self-esteem and depression.

Women often take steps like crash dieting or starvation which causes hormonal changes in their body, disorders like PCOD and sometimes even suicidal tendencies.

The media and public figures play a big hand in propagating this idea of beauty. However, we seem to be coming around to accept that these standards aren’t just superficial and baseless, they are harmful and demeaning. Which is why many celebrities and the fashion industry is going an extra mile to encourage women to embrace body positivity. So, while the entire world is trying to steer young girls away from a life-threatening mentality, Kim is busy glamorising it.

Someone needs to sit Kim down and tell her how hazardous this glamorisation of anorexia can be. That her words could lead women down a path of self-deprivation, which would break both their mind and body. Kim lives in a cocoon, where she has access to medical advice on her tips. She has fitness experts and dietitians guiding her through her fitness regimes. All her admirers have to go on is her endorsement. Hence it is indeed irresponsible of her to put the well-being of naĂŻve young girls to such risk. Perhaps it is time her fans begin considering, whether or not their idol even considers what is best for her fans at all.

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