What are Young Indian Women Seeking Freedom From?


The women of yesterday cannot think like the women of today and women of tomorrow will surely be different. Women are still continuously fighting with crimes such as domestic violence, rape, harassment and suppression by their male counterparts. On one side we see women progressing up to the post of the country’s Defense Minister and on the other side the crime rate against women increasing rapidly. In such a situation it becomes very difficult to say whether women are actually moving ahead or not.

In a country where women neither want a girl child, nor believe in teaching their sons to respect girls, women empowerment seems a task next to impossible.

Life for females in a scenario where the leaders of the country advice them to be at home before 7 pm looks pretty restricted. Opportunities are not less, but women for grabbing them fall short because of some mothers-in-law, some strict fathers, some backward thinking.

In a country where right from childhood men are taught that Boys don’t cry. And women are told don’t go alone out take your brother with you even if the brother is young, expecting a magical change in thoughts would not be correct. The Generation gap, the pulling back thoughts and the stereotypes were talks of past but present should be better. There is a need to work at bringing change right from the roots.

Women empowerment is not difficult in the age of media. Making campaigns go viral is just at your fingertip start now!

Talks like menstrual hygiene which were to be hidden have started coming to centre stage now all because we initiated, remember change starts from you. Freedom isn’t what we’re looking for. It’s what we already are deep inside. Women are still trying to seek freedom from the patriarchal society. And also from their most close enemies – the other women.

For bringing the change, breaking the shackles, the only way is to start being the real you far away from the “societal created you”. Nothing is difficult, the only requirement is strong determination. Working for the change is the only way.

“Sky above me, Earth below me, fire within me”. Never let the fire of being you extinguish, let it burn always. Keep adding on fuel to make the flame brighter and brighter. Never forget women are the real architects of the society.

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Shraddha Acharya studies Journalism at  Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi. The views expressed in this column are author’s own.

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