Jadavpur women have no shame so can’t be molested: seriously ABVP?

Poorvi Gupta
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Jadavpur women have no shame so can’t be molested: seriously ABVP?

“Only girls who have shame can be molested,” claimed the leader of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) Suman Datta. Seriously? Datta is of the opinion that girls who "kiss men openly" are shameless and so they "cannot be molested" (even if they are).


He even went on to ask if the any person in the crowd would let their daughter kiss men in public just like the girls from Jadavpur University. He did not stop their and spewed more venom on girls saying they “wear just underwear” in public. Watch this video with all the details. 

This statement from Datta came after the ABVP group had a fight with a group of Left-wing students at a time the film Traffic Jam directed by Vivek Agnihotri was being screened. The ruckus got intense and some women complained they were molested by men involved in the fight. Is this a publicity stunt? What kind of discourse is this in a University?

Why are women shy of reporting sexual assault?

ABVP needs a reality check on India's new women. What's the logic in connecting ‘shame’ with molestation? Someone needs to go and tell this man that the true meaning of molestation is when a woman is physically ‘touched’ by anyone without her consent. And, what does he mean by shame anyway?

Datta questioned the morality of the female students of the Jadavpur University. He dismissed the molested women by saying that these women are creating unnecessary ruckus about something that cannot happen to them since they are so liberal in making their own sexual decisions.

“So undergarment-wearing comrade and kissing comrades, just want to ask you, if you are a father and a mother someday, and your daughter is kissing some other man in front of you, will you still say all of this?" Datta questioned the crowd.


Now as for the answer Datta Sahab is seeking, I would like to oblige him on behalf of the ‘undergarment-wearing comrade and kissing comrades’ (if this is what he likes to call the progressive Indian youth of today), since I belong to the same category. Yes, I will still call non-consensual physical intimacy- Molestation.


It is high time girls have the decision on who can touch them and who cannot. And, for your information, if a girl kisses a guy willingly, there is no shame in it and as much as you want to inflict shame on such women, these women are mature enough to laugh at your breed and move on. Because that’s what mature and sensitive people do rather than claiming to be the leader of a youth organisation and humiliating women while at the same time calling them goddesses and putting them on a pedestal.

Your calling us a whore won’t make us one and your calling us a goddess (in prayers) won’t exempt you of your vices.

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