Why Ivan Ayr’s Soni On Netflix Is A Must Watch For Everyone

Ivan Ayr's Soni Netflix

Soni, a recent release on Netflix portrays the struggle of two policewomen working for the Delhi Police and shows their fight against gender bias in the system. The movie strikes a chord with the viewers because it shows how the female protagonists handle the system and the harassment, the unrealistic protocols they need to follow and the pressure and injustice they endure while they try to perform their duty. It infuses anger in the minds of the viewers as it highlights the discrimination women face in professional as well in their personal lives.

It portrays the struggle of two policewomen working for the Delhi Police and shows their fight against gender bias.

The movie starts with a man on cycle verbally harassing Soni (played by Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) at night. Soni is a short-tempered policewoman with a troubled life because of her ex, Naveen (Vikas Shukla). She physically lashes out at this man. Her superior officer, Kalpana (Salonia Batra) considers herself responsible for her subordinate’s actions. Throughout the movie, Kalpana acts as a mentor to Soni. Kalpana has her own set of problems in life. She is a level-headed female boss at work, but at home, she has to take a backseat and mould herself according to her in-laws.

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The movie directed by Ivan Ayr revolves around the idea that women everywhere have to face discrimination. Even if you are a cop and this is an eye opener for many viewers about how deep-rooted patriarchy is in our society. The film stands apart because it puts women on the centre-stage and doesn’t let them fall into stereotypes.

Soni first premiered at the Venice Film Festival in the Horizons section in 2018. The movie premiered on Netflix India on January 18, 2019  and is now available for viewing.

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