Internships Bridge Gap Between Theory And Industry Say Students

Internships matter as they are a way to get one's feet wet and find out if a specific field is something they see themselves doing full-time. And they also help bridge the gap between theory and practical experience.

Jun 06, 2019 13:58 IST

We are living in an age of cut-throat competition. Everything, from education to career choices is predetermined, in order to save time and succeed earlier. This intense competition has laid out a field for opportunities to grow, creating more struggles among the competitors. One example of these many opportunities is – Internships.


While earlier, one could get a job after getting a degree, it has become difficult in the present times. Students now along with a degree are required to gain reasonable work experience through internships. Apps like Internshala offer a plethora of opportunities, giving you filters listing preferences and fields of your choice.

But the question is - why do students need internships? What are the advantages and what can an average student gain from these internships?

To get an answer to all these questions SheThePeople.TV decided to ask college students their opinion. Here are some of the responses we received.


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It hones your skills

Jagrati Dhamija, a second year pursuing Journalism says, “I personally think that internship is a platform to put to test and polish your existing knowledge and skills as well as gain more of it. It not only teaches one how to function in a professional environment but also helps to develop skills as important as discipline, professional communication, teamwork, working under pressure and taking constructive criticism well. Internships give a trailer of what you are planning to pursue in future, so that one can decide if he/she is actually interested that particular field of work and wants to continue with it in future. I feel it is a great opportunity to grow and learn before diving into the working world.”


Helps you find your niche

“Internships help you in identifying your areas of interests. They help us to do things we like while also learning newer aspects of it. Things learnt in an actual office are always very different from the concepts we study in classrooms which is why it’s extremely necessary to intern at different places. They also make you professionally fit to be hired at companies after you’re through with your education. You’re just better prepared and equipped for the commercial set up if you’ve done proper internships.” Kriti Dwivedi, who graduated recently opined.

Practical experience is necessary


Malavika a first year, currently an intern with TOI says, “I believe internships give us a more practical experience of what we have learnt in class. We learn to apply them in the real world. And it’s always better for our professional life as we know what awaits us and choose whether we want it or not.”

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While Spenta Jassawala a first year of Kamala Nehru College explains in detail,“ In professional courses like Journalism or photography or hotel management, internships help give you that practical, real life experience which one cannot get sitting in a classroom reading a textbook. And this real life experience is very important not only for practicing and refining your skills in that field but also to know whether you want to go forward and make it your career.


For e.g- Suppose you are just enamoured by watching anchors on T.V interviewing or talking to high profile personalities you may think you want to be a journalist. But until you actually go to a newsroom and do all the background work that goes into being a news anchor, you’ll never know the ‘real’ experience or how it is to be anchor off screen.”

There is competition even in internships

Anchal Malhotra, a second year pursuing a similar course from Kamala Nehru College says, “Internships provide you with ground reality. Colleges give you more of theoretical knowledge; internships help to gain field experiences, especially when it comes to professional courses. Also, when it comes to career choices, internships really help you to find your niche.


However, the demand for internships is increasing and therefore not everyone is able to receive good internship experiences.”

Snigdha Gupta is an intern with SheThePeople.Tv

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