She Teens: Seven Things I Learned After I Started Working, What About You?

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Before joining my workplace, I kind of perceived corporate the way it is perceived worldwide. My qualifications have made me a company secretary and I  work at the same designation in a company of repute. I wanted to start with something apparently to attain a sense of financial freedom. But deep down I  always wanted to work at a place that allows creativity and liberty to its personnel.  But, after I joined the organisation, I  learnt several things. And these are what I came back with.

The value of money

When I first saw the five digits being credited to my account, I could see myself smiling.  Money never felt like a reward before.  Every single penny of it represented the hard work I had put in  and I realized it should be used smart. I have now become very selective when it comes to spending. The expenditures are automatically controlled as a result.

Clarity Comes with Experience

You may be academically qualified but the application of academics to practical set of problems calls for experience. On my first day at work, there was a meeting of senior officials. Two of whom had slightly contradictory opinion over a given situation. One of them cited the law and insisted that we follow it while the other opined that the adherence to law would disturb the system being followed in the organisation.  Being from a profession that revolves around law my obvious opinion was  to follow the law. Therefore, the matter was then referred to an experienced professional who to my surprise, took less than a minute to resolve the issue.  In-fact, he provided a solution that duly considered both the aspects. The whole process taught me the importance of clarity while coming down to solutions.

And that  apparently comes from experience!

Employee morale is the key

The motivating drive for an employee may vary from person to person. For some it is the work that they do, while for others it could be the monetary rewards that come as a result of it. In the process of attainment of an organisational objective, the individual objective of an employee should never be overlooked.  Because a satisfied manpower would always multiply what it receives.

It is good to not have an idea

Many a times at my workplace, I have faced situations where I am assigned some work I absolutely have no idea about. But then there always is a first time for every new thing that is essential for your growth. In fact when you do not know the straight away solution to a given problem, you might end up inventing a creative substitute to it and Creativity is cool anyway.

Self-belief is paramount

This should indeed be followed like a ritual in every phase of life and when it comes to work, I would say this is the essence. There have been times when I felt doubtful about the decisions I was making, owing to the parallel speculation of possible impacts my mind would make. But eventually this mantra of self-belief entered my life and things tremendously changed for me.

Learning  can make its way through anywhere

You meet a lot of people at your workplace and every person has something you can take lesson from.  Could be good, could be bad but there is a lesson hidden for sure. Between people I would wish to switch my personality to and people I would never want to be like, there have been many who have the little things to offer, every time.

Time changes and you have to learn how to adapt

Things are never same at work and there certainly are both ups and downs but these changing circumstances have taught me regain my calm when I lose it to disappointments that come on way. Further, as they say time is the best teacher, we must respect what it for what  it does and learn how to roll with it.

Pranju Daftari interned with Shethepeople.TV

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