Happy (Un) Friendship Day

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Happy (Un) Friendship Day

Inundated by messages and targeted content messaging reminding me its Friendship Day on August 7th is not a great way to start a sleepy Sunday now , is it? The guilt and abject existential crisis that accompanies questions about why this day exists and how some may not have wished you (forgotten friends, huh) is enough to ruin a day one might think, but independent women like us are made of sterner stuff. We must find the meaning and dig deeper into what hidden messages the Universe is trying to convey to us and hence I dig deeper.

  1. If you can’t see it, it doesn’t exist:  

    In times of increased communication with friends, acknowledging friendship on Social Media has assumed an inflated significance failing which one questions the strength of the bonds that have kept us together in good times and bad, but is that necessary? My heart says no but mind says yes, because its busy times and small gestures (though one might argue, over the top) does remind people that their presence means a lot even though non-social media interaction has faltered over time

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  2. Friends are few:

    The definition and meaning of friendship has altered. “You have 49 common friends” add recommendations are enough to question what friendship means. Can friends of friends who have nothing in common and have probably never met you mean anything to you other than the Number of Friends Counter that is a hallmark of popularity and social standing (debatable)? If the answer is no, then why do we feel guilty cutting back on social interactions and instead building on connects offline that are more meaningful and rewarding both experientially and spiritually? Keeping up with the Jones syndrome anyone?

  3. Till Social Media do us part:

    Social Media has its utility – you connect with people you never would had it not been for the internet and platforms bringing people closer? But that is farthest from the truth because the dangers of friendships developed on social have been documented news of a Virtual World not intersecting with our real lives has been widely debated too. A careful balance and conscious awareness of the utility of social media goes a long way to determine the quality of your relationships offline and time spent developing new (yet frivolous and transient)friendships may hamper your existing friendships that you value and have built over time. Think about it

  4. Friend Wisely Now to kill Unfriend Regret Later:

Every single person without exception reports stress of time management and having too much to do as their top most problem. Commute times are longer, work never ends, we spend an average of 4 hours, yes 4 hours browsing on our smartphones and in between of all this, there is family, life, health and whatever else that can find a place in the conundrum called life. Cutting back on communication and listening to yourself, your inner voice is recommended. Some call it meditation while others just say “ being in silence”, to each his/her own but that does call for a clear answer to how you can carve out some time for yourself. The answer is cutting back wisely. When in doubt, K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) and choose who you spend time with wisely or choose to develop friendships with and prevent the guilt of unfriending them (not just on social media but from your life) later


Friends are the family you choose. Hence, choose with wisdom to keep your friends close, set your boundaries of what goes and what does NOT, selecting to remain friends is not selfish its respecting yourself and unfriend with Impunity. Good friends, Office Pals, Running Group Buddies all have a place in your life or do they? Think and decide wisely and as you celebrate sending and receiving messages from Friends think if uncluttering your life and relationships is needed. If the answer is yes, select an Un-Friendship Day and Unfriend away.



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About the author: Monica Jasuja is a Payments Ninja specializing in Digital Payments Initiatives to further India’s progress as a less cash dependent economy. She is a Product Strategist with work experience in 4 geographies globally and brings knowledge and firsthand experience of designing, developing products with the wow factor. This article expresses her personal views, and not those of any of her employers—past, present or future. Monica is available on Twitter: @jasuja

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