Gal Gadot's Hospital Visit: Her Compassion Wins Our Hearts

Yamini Pustake Bhalerao
Jul 10, 2018 04:49 IST
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Gal Gadot as wonder woman

Imagine the sheer joy of little children to see Wonder Woman paying them a visit in the hospital! The patients at Inova Children's Hospital in Annandale, Virginia were in for a treat on Friday, when Gal Gadot dropped by for a visit in her Wonder Woman gear. As per a report in The Hollywood Reporter, the actor’s visit brought a much-needed smile on the faces of the staff members and children.

Gadot has proved that you don’t have to be an actual superhero to help people out.

There are so many actors and celebrities, who engage in philanthropic work all around the world. They make donations, run schools and hospitals for those in need. However, what Gadot has done isn’t charity, it is more of an act of compassion than just philanthropy.


  • Celebrities like Chris Hemsworth and Robert Downey Jr. have also previously used their reel life superhero identities to reach out to children in need.
  • These are not acts of charity, they are an expression of compassion.
  • While wealth is meant to be shared, so is kindness, love and hope.

However, she isn’t the first superhero to have taken her reel life duties so seriously. The DC star is ironically following the footsteps of superheroes from the Marvel Universe. In 2016, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, who play Thor and Loki in the MCU films, visited the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane. Then there is our very Robert Downey Jr. who portrays Iron Man in MCU. He showed up as billionaire playboy philanthropist Tony Stark to meet young Alex Pring in 2015. Pring, who was born with a partially developed right arm, received a bionic Iron Man arm from Downey Jr.

So why is it so important to praise these stars for taking their superhero duties so seriously in real life? It is for the impact they are able to create.

In the last two decades, cinema has brought alive some of the most iconic comic book characters like Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Thor, Superman and Batman. These characters, and the actors essaying them have a massive fan following among men, women and children alike. They embody morality, goodness, kindness, hope and many more such virtues, which seem to only exist in superhero comic books today.

But when stars like Gadot make an effort to bring these virtues to the real world, with such acts of benevolence, it reinstates our faith in goodness. Especially for children in need of a boost, such acts can do wonders, because a positive spirit is a crucial part of mental healing when one’s body is going through the wreck of critical illnesses like cancer. This gesture is worth more than a million bucks. Which is why these acts of kindness are not a charity. This is more about one human reaching out to another in need, and giving them hope, love and support.

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