Eight Success Mantras Extroverts can Learn from Introverts

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Extroverts have a reputation of being go-getters who are set to prosper in today’s fast-paced world. These personality traits make them visible to the world, which can give them an edge, even at workplace. Many introverts think that they must “correct” their personality to suit a world inclined to loving extroverts. To an introvert, the outside world can seem incredibly overwhelming and needlessly engaging. They often feel like they don’t fit in a world where continuous self-promotion replaces self-reflection.

Introverts can be misinterpreted for being shy, or indifferent towards their surroundings, but their brains are wired differently than that of extroverts. They feel more comfortable alone, whereas extroverts gain their energy from the outside.

However an introvert temperament can bring a number of unique qualities to the table. Extroverts can unquestionably benefit from leaping to the other side.

Here are eight things extroverts can learn from introverts:

Being a great listener

Introverts are more astute about their surroundings and are less likely to interfere while others are talking, which makes them great listeners. This means that they can reflect back to the talker which also leads to more informed and fruitful conversations.

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Since introverts are better listeners, they manage to have more in-depth and more significant conversations. Introverts also avoid small talk because it produces a sense of formality between individuals.

Spending time with oneself for self growth

Spending time apart from people leads to self-growth. In our culture, remaining isolated comes with considerable stigma. At a workplace, working as a team is highly emphasised, and the desire to work alone is often perceived as a self-centred attitude. Such people are also thought to lack skills needed to be good teamleaders.

However, learning how to love your own company helps one experience a wholesome and peaceful life. If you never master loving yourself, it makes it difficult to have a heartfelt connection with others. By spending time with themselves, extroverts can learn to lead a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

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Thinking before you speak

Introverts put a lot of thought into their words. Extroverts usually let the words spill, and while this is not an issue, they could think about what they are saying so as not to say something they’ll repent later.

Similarly introverts take time to analyse the entire conversation or point in concern before speaking and speak only if they believe they have something valuable to add. This helps them be considerate and composed even in heated situations.

Not giving importance to what people think

Extroverts frequently seek social validation. They seek reassurance about themselves from others, while introverts are less reliant on this factor.

This is a space where extroverts can clearly learn from introverts. You gain more self-confidence when you stop depending on others for validation. It also makes you resistant to unnecessary criticism which can be bothersome.

Taking time to pause

Extroverts are notorious for leading socially engaing lives. There are parties to attend, friends to catch up with over coffee and meet ups that need to be co-ordinated. Who has the time to pause? However a demanding social life can be draining, if you do not take out time to pause.

This is where the introvert trait of being recluses (well, not entirely) comes in handy. It is okay to tap put of gatherings or say no to a coffee date. Just take a breather and re-energise to dive headfirst in your social life.

Be better at decision making

Introverts reflect on each and every possibility before making decisions. Making decisions in a haste can lead to disastrous outcomes. Moreover, calmly reflecting on the decisions at hand can boost productivity and lead to greater accomplishments.

Benefits of spending time in nature

Introverts spend more time in quiet environments, such as among the greens. Extroverts can discover more of the world alone, without the chaos and turbulence that is involved in most social situations. Spending time with nature is a beautiful mood-elevator and heals your soul in more ways than you realise.

The ability of quiet reflection

Lastly, Introverts go within themselves to stay stable in this mad world. Extroverts might not believe they need alone time to renew, but acknowledging our true feelings helps us decide what we need. For example, if you feel tired, you should rest instead of putting your body and mind into more strenuous situations. Quiet reflection also helps you slow down and remain thankful for all the blessings in your life, something that could considerably benefit extroverts.

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Saumya Rastogi is an intern with SheThePeople.TV. The views expressed are the author’s own.