“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living,” by Mary Ritter Beard rejuvenates one with a feeling of staying independent and travel across the world.

Getting the opportunity of travelling solo is a unique thing in itself.

Who knows when life would come to an end and your desire to travel around the world might remain unfulfilled. So what are you waiting for?

One should always believe in themselves and should know the idea of living life.

Things you learn:

  • You find some independence for yourself. You discover your own self.  You find challenges and have the tendency to overcome them with utmost confidence. Solo travelling gives immense confidence and helps in boosting your morale.
Women travellers to Spain
Women travellers to Spain by SheThePeople.TV
  • The other most important thing you learn from travelling solo is travel smartness techniques and gradually you learn to trust strangers. You hear your intuitions and even learn to trust your capabilities. You learn to treat people well and you can understand the difference between someone being friendly and someone being weird.  You learn to become open.
  • The world isn’t actually dangerous and this feeling can only come when one travels confidently and in your own ways you try to discover the real person inside you. You get the capability to ignore all the negativity and realize that there are genuine people around.

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  • You become a better person and become open minded. You will learn to relate to someone you meet on roads. An introvert person can gradually become extrovert by talking to strangers while travelling. The real idea of travelling is not to discover new landscapes but to discover new eyes and share ideas with them.
  • Travelling will bring changes only if you are open to it and ready to see changes in yourself, especially when you are travelling alone; it’s only your thoughts, ideas and experiences which accompany you. You learn to trust your conscious ultimately.
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