Education begins at home, with the mom says Kaveri Kathuria Kalsi

Being a mother is the highest privilege for a woman. A privilege I got after battling infertility for eight years. After painful medical procedures and blessings of my loved ones I was blessed with my first born my daughter Zara. My son Neil came a year after my biggest surprise package from God! Hope and love is the right potion for woman battling infertility. Never give up as our desire to be a mom is the driving force that leads us to motherhood. My kids have given me a purpose to be a good human being leading by example. They fulfil me everyday and have given me a reason to fill up my family albums with memories I’ll cherish forever even more when they leave the nest.

Moms Meaning Business

Moms Meaning Business

As a mother and an educator I would like to say bringing up children to show them the right way, to help them grow and blossom in confident little tots is always a joint effort of schools and parents. As a mom and teacher I have realized that family engagement and interactions are the only ingredient that help children grow and reach their full potential. So the question I ask in the run up to another Mother’s Day is – as responsible parents and global citizens are we giving our kids a chance to succeed?

As a mother I realized soon enough that their education just doesn’t lie in classrooms but our homes as well. I think that’s what Mother’s Day should celebrate. The enormous interaction that happens between mother and child and what that does to growing up. Add to that grandparents and the larger family, which can be good philosophical guides to children.

Adaptation and patience at a young age are two concepts that can go a long way in strengthening your child’s mind. That family engagement improves children’s learning behaviour and skills is now a no-brainer. Yet studies and widespread discussions in society often point the responsibility of a child’s growth and success to the four walls of the classroom. To me that’s a boxy thinking instead of free-spirited approach to raising children.

Our betters achievers raise the bar because they have parental support. We have to engage as mothers with schools to help them help our children. I realize that in this fast pace world it is not easy but we have to start with a belief that family engagement is not external to the process of education.

In the end I would like to say no university or school can substitute a parent. For a mother who attends the that parents teacher conference, helps them with their homework or even reads to their children is contributing. As a mother I speak to all mothers out there that education must begin at home and it’s my firm belief that each one of us our stupendous mothers and always do the best for our kids.congratulations on being the true shapers of our future society!


Never judge yourself or compare your motherhood with another’s. Your journey is yours alone. Each being different and unique.

Teach your children the meaning of No. In this digital world you have to draw the line with gadgets and a million portals your kids could be using and getting no real benefit from them. Teach them to be sporty to be outdoor people

As a mom their safety has been my priority. To teach them about how they can protect themselves and understand the concept of mental or physical abuse. That to me is utterly important

Being their friend sometimes. Show them they can open up with you and that ensures lying is never an option. Bend the rules sometimes. Keep an open dialogue

Let them be happy. Show them they are your purpose for living. Laugh and cry. Share all your feelings with them. They are a part of you. Let them grow emotionally. 
Enjoy motherhood.. And remember there are no rules or guidebooks.. Happy Mother’s Day!

Kaveri is a mother to two children and teaches at a children’s school in Jalandhar City.

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