Let’s Put Cyber Safety First!


In our contemporary world where everyone speaks of equality and freedom, as their right women still don’t get them to the complete extent. To a larger extent it is because of the Women’s safety both in the real and the virtual world. This is a topic which should be taken into consideration by people immediately.

Internet, on one hand, is providing people with newer avenues to communicate and connect with the people worldwide, whereas on the other hand cyber-crimes are becoming commonplace. And it is young women who get targeted the most.

It is nowadays very easy for everyone to find someone online hence crimes like online stocking are becoming common.

So, women should keep some points as under to stand up for herself to stand up against wrong.

  • Never share your personal information online
  • Protect your information with strong password
  • Read the terms and conditions, also the people who can access to your information before  agreeing
  • Don’t share more than is absolutely necessary.
  • Relationships have only two shades in a spectrum – very good or very bad. Even the best of people can swing from one end of the spectrum to the other. Don’t meet online acquaintance alone.
  • Always let your friends and family know where you are going and who you are meeting.
  • Block people you don’t want to interact with.
  • Never feel weird declining friend requests from people you barely know. Trust your instinct and ignore, unfriend or block them. You get to choose who stays on your friend list.
  • If you’re being harassed, consider your options for collecting evidence.

Digital Trust Dialogues by SheThePeople and Google

It’s high time now that we stand up together against online bullies and claim our freedom. My words are for the men reading this, let us create an environment for women out there so that they feel secure and safe. An environment, which we want to provide to our sisters, wife or daughters.

Anurag Singh is a student of Satyawati College, New Delhi and this effort is a part of Google India and SheThePeople initiative Digital Trust Dialogues across colleges in India.

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