What To Wear On A Plane: A Foolproof Combination

Whether you are preparing to fly domestically or to an exotic international destination, it’s time to start thinking about what to wear on your flight. You might be planning to fly commercial, take a private jet charter flight, or even just take a long train journey, but deciding what to wear is an important part of your travel planning process.

After all, if you wear garments that are too tight or restrictive, you’ll be uncomfortable for the entire day. On the other hand, if you choose to dress in baggy and shapeless clothing, you could end up looking frumpy, unkempt, and out of place. Take a cue from private jet passengers, who layer items made from lightweight natural materials that have a soft and silky feel.

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In order to look and feel your very best when you arrive at your end destination, follow these tips for creating a foolproof outfit for the plane.

Focus on creating your ideal travel ‘capsule collection’

Have you ever seen a business person or fashionable art dealer traveling with an impossibly small bag, yet emerging from their hotel room with a seemingly endless number of stylish ensembles? They have likely mastered the art of creating, assembling, and packing a collection of versatile pieces that can all be rotated to create different looks.

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Do what fashion designers, department stores, and retail shops do – create a travel ‘capsule collection’ look of pieces that will work when mixed and matched together. This means that you only have to pack a few individual items, but will still have dozens of different looks.

While it sounds simple enough, it does take a little bit of planning to create a foolproof travel capsule, so start thinking about the different types of events and meetings you need to attend. Focus on finding attractive pieces in a complementary colour palette that you can layer, and think about finding one or two pairs of shoes that will work with every outfit. Choose a lightweight walking shoe or sandal, and a versatile dressy option.

Pack garments made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics

Certain materials will look dowdy, wrinkled, and messy when you wear them in a seated position for a few hours, and so it pays to think about your fabrics. Even the most carefully-ironed cotton or linen garments will be creased and crumpled when you arrive! Instead, choose clothing made of wrinkle-resistant fabrics such as polyester, wool, Tencel, and knits.

Have a fresh outfit ready for when you land

Create a travel ‘capsule collection’ look of pieces that will work when mixed and matched together. This means that you only have to pack a few individual items, but will still have dozens of different looks.

If you truly want to look fresh and rested when you arrive at your destination, pack an extra change of clothing to wear when you land. You can worry a lot less about your clothes getting all wrinkled in transit when you change into a new outfit before you get off the plane.

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Avoid the lure of tracksuits and sweats

Yes, tracksuits and sweat pants can be an enticing option when you are about to board a plane, but these options will make you look tired, unprofessional, and dowdy. You need to think about comfortable clothes that also look polished and effortlessly chic.

As you get ready to fly on an upcoming private jet charter, put together some fresh, stylish and simple outfits that allow for comfort without looking messy or frumpy. Slimline yoga pants made from a thick material are a great option, as they have an elastic waistband for comfort, yet can easily be dressed up. Add a simple V-neck tee and cotton blazer for men, or a simple camisole with lace details and a tailored leather or denim jacket for women.

Bring a pashmina or scarf in your carry-on bag

Not only can they transform your outfit and add an accessory to your travel capsule wardrobe, but a pashmina or scarf are both extremely practical. You should always have a scarf handy in your carry-on bag, as you can use them as a blanket, shawl, and even an eye-mask to block out the light.

Finding your own foolproof travel wardrobe

Based on these tips, you can start developing your own foolproof travel capsule wardrobe that will serve you well as you jet set around the globe on your private jet charter.

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