Bollywood Celebs Show How To Be Productive During Home Quarantine

While the productions have halted, film theatres shut, B Town celebrities have a new task at hand - saving themselves while also influencing others to practice precautions against Coronavirus.

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Bollywood Home quarantine

Spending even an hour without coming across the word 'coronavirus' seems to be next to impossible these days. When the global count of infected people has already crossed 2,19,000, proper precautions can prove to of great significance in combatting the pandemic. While the productions have halted, film theatres shut, B Town celebrities have a new task at hand - saving themselves while also influencing others to practice precautions against the deadly coronavirus. From Alia Bhatt to Katrina Kaif, here's how Bollywood is trying be productive during home quarantine.


Alia Bhatt - No Compromise With Fitness

Alia Bhatt is strictly sticking to her workout schedule. To introduce positivity amidst the panic and gloom that the virus has brought on, Bhatt advises people to stay at home and finish reading a book. After all, when was the last time when you were home and had nothing to do. Look at the positive lane, all the pubs and bars and malls are shut down, this is the best time to engage with yourselves. So, as Alia says, Stay at home and finish a book. We agree with you, Alia!

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Deepika Padukone- Time To Clean Your Wardrobe

Sorry everyone, but you no more have an excuse for not cleaning your wardrobe. You are at home, you have plenty of time, go do it! That's what Deepika Padukone is doing. She posted a picture of her denim on a hanger and captioned it as - "Season 1: Episode 1- Productivity in the time of COVID-19." Padukone is making the best use of her home quarantine, she is also investing in her skin. Captioned as "Season 1: Episode 2- Productivity in the time of COVID-19," she posted a snap her using a face massager.

Preity Zinta- Influencer For A Cause


Preity Zinta is doing what every influencer is expected to do right now - Spreading awareness. She recently posted a video of herself, urging people to practice necessary precautions. She captioned the video as "A lot has changed around us the past couple of days. Life on our planet has literally come to a STOP as Coronavirus spreads rapidly across the globe. Prevent the spread of this virus & protect yourself, family & your country. #CoronavirusOutbreak #COVID2019 #staysafe #ting." Not only this she also adopted the desi nuskha- Champi to keep her mom's head cool amidst the panic. "To keep our heads cool during this home quarantine it felt right to give mom the classic champi," she added.

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Priyanka Chopra- Stock Up On Love, Compassion, Gratitude

Priyanka Chopra too is on self-isolation mode with her husband Nick Jonas, just like most of the other celebrities. She posted a video on Instagram, urging people to stock up on love, compassion, gratitude, kindness, and joy, at a time when people are busy stocking up domestic necessities. In a video message for her fans, Priyanka says, “I hope you are all safe out there. I just wanted to come in and say hello! This is such an insane time and all of our lives have been completely turned upside down and it feels like, something out of a movie, but it is not. Nick and I have been home for the last week and this is day 8 of self-isolation for us. We have always had such crazy schedules and had so many people around us all day and all of a sudden, this being our reality, it just feels crazy."

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Shilpa Shetty- Use Stairs At Home For Exercise


The 44-year-old fitness freak recently posted a video on Instagram, asking people to exercise at least four times a day. Replying to Hindustan Times on the reason behind this video, she said, "We underestimate the power of immunity. While we’re saying we should wash our hands and do external things, we need to strengthen ourselves from within too. Coming from the school of yoga, I really think internal cleansing happens only with pranayama. People sitting at home don’t know what to do, they’re bored. You make it an activity, and even use the stairs at home. I didn’t plan the video, literally woke up and went out saying, ‘Let’s do something which is interesting’. Physical activity helps you a lot, it’s a domino effect in a good way."

Katrina Kaif- Exploring The Interests

Well, the fact that you can explore your interests while practicing precautions is just amazing, isn't it? Fitness is a priority for most of us, and so is it for Katrina. But along with inspiring people with her quick workout video on Instagram, she is also exploring the intricacies of music - she is learning guitar. Thanks Kat, for the inspiration!

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