Social distancing may be the best time to make real connections

social distancing

I have been thinking about this word that we have all been reading everywhere. What is Social Distancing? What if we shift this to ‘physical distancing’? Because isn’t this what it really actually is?

Yes, there is a need to practice physical distancing in the manner and intensity that works for each of us, as the intention with this is to cooperate and support what is recommended to ensure we are collectively safe. So please continue to do what you feel is right.

Social distancing may be the best time to make real connections

However, we needn’t socially distance. In fact it’s time to connect more now, with all the extra time on hand. How about connecting with friends, family, people from across the world using the several digital tools & technology available to us. Long chit-chats with friends, Skype calls with our parents who would love to share so much but with our work schedules we never had time to listen, the overdue gossip chats with our besties, group hangout with your university alumni, and so many other creative ways to spread love, to share, to cry/laugh and to find strength!

Wouldn’t this be a great way to live, and promote wellness consciousness?

Instead of trying to figure out whether this virus spreads or doesn’t, whether we will get it or not, maybe we can shift our focus instead to do the best in terms of food etc from what we know and understand, and use the extra available time and energy to connect and catch up, and spread joy and love.

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From the last few days I am doing just this, and it feels so good. Catching up with friends over long calls, seeing the whole family in one room during Skype calls and watching parents going mad, connecting with so many people from all parts of the world, listening-sharing-supporting-bitching, all that you do with people you love 💕 😌

It’s lifted our spirits in more ways than one, and I am feeling energised. I am sure the immune system has received a big boost! So, do try it out. Improving immune system with soulful conversations & connections! All of us need it now, as a species.

Have fun. Chit-chat away. Share what you think. Share how you felt after doing so, if you decided to give this a try. ❤❤

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