Beatboxing for feminism: Emma Watson creates an online stir

UN Women Goodwill ambassador beatboxes as part of the #HeforShe week, a UN initiative which calls for men to support gender equality.

Mar 21, 2016 14:37 IST
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Its a beatboxing debut that's created quite a stir across the world. As she interviewed Broadway singer and composer LinManuel Miranda on issues relating to gender equality, Emma Watson took to vocal percussion to make an impact. The interaction was part of the HeforShe Arts week, a United Nations initiative which calls for men to support equality of the sexes. It's a cause very close to the heart of this 26 year old UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, who has been very vocal on women's rights issues for the last few years.


Watch Emma and Lin beatboxing ">here

Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Emma Watson and Lin-Manuel Miranda

Here is what she said to Time, that has put her on the list of the world's most influential people, about the intent of the and need for an arts week for gender equality:


I think about the performing arts and how we perceive masculinity and have rigid definitions and ideas of a leading man and what a leading man can or can’t do or how he should or shouldn’t act. Challenging these perceptions make the roles that each of us get to play more complex, more real, more authentic, they make our jobs more interesting and truthful.

For this part, Emma was seen interviewing LinManuel Miranda, winner of 2016 Grammy for best Musical theater album for his musical 'Hamilton.' Praising the play, Emma pointed out the fact of beauty with which the play captures a fatherless man's concerns about being a father himself, through a monologue recited by the protagonist Alexander Hamilton, played by Lin.


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Whenever we talk about media, the debate of what shapes what always comes up. The way I look at it is that something has to change at some level at some point, and since arts and popular culture have the power to direct the new 'cool', such dialogues will popularise certain pieces of art that are going to change the way we look at men's participation in gender equality.

Emma has taken a year-long sabbatical from her acting career and to focus on increasing her knowledge on feminism and gender issues through academic engagement, advocacy in partnership with the UN, and of course, her feminist book club. In the end of her beatboxing session, she looks flushed and embarrassed and says, "These are the lengths I would go for gender equality." More power we say Emma, the world needs more feminists like you!


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