A lot of girls openly admit to being “daddy’s little girl.” In fact, it is encouraged for girls to hold this label. I’m sure I’ve said it a lot of times before myself. But at the end of the day, I’m very much a mama’s girl at heart.

A mother is a friend, a teacher and a spirit guide. She is the punching bag, the warm blanket, the personal cheerleader and the biggest fan.

To say that the bond between a mother and a daughter is special, is an understatement. A mother is a friend, a teacher and a spirit guide. She is the punching bag, the warm blanket, the personal cheerleader and the biggest fan. She is the only person in a girl’s life who understands what it means to be a daughter, a wife, a professional and most importantly, a woman; without even having to explain.


Your courage makes me who I am! I thank you for showing me that women can take control over their own lives and I thank you for teaching me in times of struggle, to not back down. Instead, go to war and fight! Mom, you are the strongest person I know. You are wise, nurturing, thoughtful and above all else, you are my biggest cheerleader. You support me in the pursuit of my dreams and are the rock that grounds me when I’m struggling. Your presence in my life makes me better.

You are the real Super Woman. For every time that someone calls on my multi-tasking ability and time management skills and being super human on what I can achieve, I just always feel that my abilities are meagre compared to yours. Thank you for never failing to be my Superwoman. I love you more than words could ever express

You are the epitome of forgiveness. When I acted superior because of my fancy education (that you provided), you forgave me. When I refused to understand your ideals and thoughts and called it old-school even though you were always willing to learn my ways, you forgave me. When I was too busy and impatient to teach you how to send an email, you forgave me. When I made you my default punching bag for every little frustration I had, you forgave me every single time.

You just always know it. You set me free when I needed to be, and held me close whenever I felt lost- you just always knew how to make me feel right. Whenever self-doubt is not letting me move ahead, you give me that right amount of nudge that makes me take the next step without fear. Thank you for being my comfy warm blanket and comforting me whenever it feels like the whole world is against me.

I may not remember most memories, but I’m sure you’ve managed to preserve all of them in your photo albums like you always do. When I look at these photos, I’m awestruck by you. You always put me in the forefront and take a back-stage role yourself. But even when you’re not in the frame, I can see you there, as a reflection in my eyes, standing in front of me with the most beautiful smile.

As long as you are around, no matter where my journey takes me, without shame, embarrassment or fear, I will proudly declare it. And wear that label like the badge of honor it is. I am proud to be the daughter of a woman for whom wearing the label is worthy.

As it turns out, I always was and still am a mama’s girl.


Komal Agarwal

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Komal Agarwal – a top BTech graduate in electrical and electronic Engineering from NTU Singapore 2010 and IIM Alumnus 2013, always had a determination to be different and not just another brick in the wall.