Accustoming to new life: A fitness expert talks of coronavirus impact


At SheThePeople, as a part of our series ‘How coronavirus changed my life’, are speaking to people across the country, to check how people are coping with this unprecedented situation and whether it has taken a toll on their mental health, financial status and livelihood. We spoke to Prachi Mittal, a fitness expert from Greater Kailash, Delhi about how her life has changed after the lockdown. “From routine to uncertainty,” life has changed. Business in times of coronavirus has new realities to deal with.

What changes you have witnessed in your life after the lockdown?

For me, lockdown involves dealing with professional instability and mental illness. I had a fitness event scheduled in Mumbai but for now, the date has been postponed. Currently, I am filming a fitness videos to provide my clients with live fitness sessions.  Prior to lockdown, my schedule used to very hectic as in the morning and evening I had my fitness classes and in the rest of the time, I remained busy with my household works. There is no certainty about when life will return to its normal routine.

How you are managing the finances now?

All the economic activities get paused so there is no source of income. For now, I completely rely upon my savings to meet my ends. But there is a limit for that too. Increased prices of grocery items and additional expenditures are a matter of concern, as there might be a possibility that the lockdown will extend.

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How you make sure that you remain engaged all-day and the current situation doesn’t disturb your mental health?

Fitness is my passion and learning new things related to it makes me happier. So I am making the best of this quarantine by taking live sessions from my favourite fitness experts. Some of them are Holly Rilinger, Tanya Poppett, Massy Arias and Kayla Itsiners. For my mental health, I do meditation and yoga. Self-isolation can lead to anxiety and frustration, so it is important to make your mind stable and revive your mental health.

Are you doing something to ensure that the less privileged people around you suffer less?

Amidst the atmosphere of fear and anxiety, there is a lot of positive news also. People are rising for this humanitarian call and serving the underprivileged sections of the society by ensuring them with basic commodities. I have started a fundraiser for the daily wage workers who have lost their livelihood. At least we should consider ourselves blessed enough to have this opportunity of serving mankind. Paramedical staff, police personal and government officials all are a source of inspiration for us and we owe a lot to them.

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Do you think that the government is taking necessary steps to tackle this pandemic?

The government is lacking on the certain parts of the decisions which they have taken. A 21 days lockdown was being announced but they should kept in purview the income inequalities among the people, as India constitutes a large number of poor people. Daily wage workers are struggling for the daily bread and who is held accountable for all this? Another thing is that from now the government should ensure a robust health system to its citizens, as there is lack of doctors, nurses and equipment in our hospitals. According to WHO the doctor people population ratio should be 1 doctor for every 1000 people , while in India there is 1 doctor for every 10,189 people and it’s reflective of the very pathetic state of our system.