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You NEED To Hear This 89-Year-Old Grandma’s Progressive Ideas About Sex

Grandma Progressive Ideas About Sex ,Grandma's Progressive Ideas About Sex
Grandma Progressive Ideas About Sex: A video of a progressive grandma is going viral as she talks about the topics of sex, consent and sex for pleasure.

A Youtube video from February 2021 has recently gone viral on the internet for the progressive thoughts of a grandma about sex and its other concepts.

While many consider talking about sex to be a taboo subject, Avanti Nagral interviewed her 89-year-old grandma and posted the video on her Youtube channel. Nagral’s grandma or Ajji, is a doctor from Mumbai and spoke about the concepts like consent, the right age to have sex, buying condoms openly and other issues.

Nagral’s grandma is seen in the video saying that sex stems from mental and physical attraction towards a person. She adds that one must be 100% sure before having sex. When she spoke about the topic of consent, Ajji called it the most important part of sex and said that it is the first thing.

Ajji talked about the usage of IUD and explained the safety aspect of the act. She also said that while sex can be physical and emotional for some, it is a lot more than that.

Youtube users commented on the video saying that, “She is more understanding than our parents….. we should be proud of her.” Another one said that when they tried talking to their grandma about the same topic, she told him a ‘pari ki kahani’.

A user asked if Ajji (the grandma) would adopt them. The netizen added that she wants to age like Ajji. Some also called the grandma a rare combination of wisdom, education and captivating personality.

Another viral reaction was of a Nani reacting to a bodysuit which she had seen for the first time. The Nani said looking at the white body suit, “Itni badi tu nappy pehnegi”

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