Chats With Crush Hit By Awkward Silence? A Meme Can Restart The Conversation

The chat may not be paving way for your fairytale romance. It may be hurtling towards a dead-end, for all you know. This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit.

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Sending memes to your crush is the real deal. As someone who has revived many a dead conversation with a meme casually slipped in, I can say this with conviction. Words have the dangerous property of running out in the moments we need them the most.

And when the matter concerns a crazy crush, even the most accomplished of poets and wordsmiths are no match for the random bouts of speechlessness that stand like walls between two potential lovers. Just when you thought the chat was going somewhere.

You could be talking about how you dislike a certain co-worker who tries to suck up too much to the boss or describing the many characters you saw in line at your &t=3s">vaccination centre. The chat, you think, is turning comfortably candid. The person on the other end of the screen is chuckling. Or wait, this could even be the moment from a rom-com when the man's doe-eyed gaze at the woman's unassuming monologue melts him into love for her.

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Hold your reins. It's just a crush.

The chat may not be paving way for your fairytale romance. It may be hurtling towards a dead-end, for all you know. This has happened to me more times than I would like to admit.


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I am a texter and I entirely abhor calls - people who know me, know this. An unannounced phone call kicks in my anxiety like Shah Rukh Khan on screen kicks in endorphins. Every new crush on a new chat has to be explained this setting on my human processor. If the groove sets in, then maybe the system can give a green signal for more than a chat.

That is something I rarely let happen. Instead, I have committed my time to mastering navigation in the sticky chat space that is often thriving, surreptitiously exciting, sometimes dull, mostly awkward, always fun.

As a regular at the DM bar, I can tell you that the offerings and opportunities here are endless. Even as the people you are talking to up and leave, one by one, and you are the last soul left sitting there. Alone and in need of a puppy love high. What do you do?

String them in with a meme.


A legit modern internet language, memes are the tongue millennials and gen-Z speak most fluently. World events, entertainment, news, art, tragedy, happiness, emotion - memes have the versatility to cover everything. In fact, so brightly and relevantly are memes shaping our world that universities from Cambridge to Texas to Berkeley have in recent years introduced courses on memes.

So a meme is a valid text.

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Break That Awkward Silence: Tips For Sending Memes To Your Crush


Don't beat yourself down for being uninteresting. Just like calls drop sometimes, so do chats. Unannounced, inexplicably, unreasonably.

There is often no pattern to these things. Maybe your crush was having dinner when you texted and they forgot to text back later. Maybe neither of you was really invested in the topic. Maybe a 'haha' or 'lol' did it (sure shot conversation enders). Or maybe, your last text was so cool it left your crush stumped.

Don't be afraid of the seenzone. Turn the dejection around and own it. This comes from the queen of seen, as my friends like to call me.

Ego might give you a good scolding in these moments of indecision when you debate with yourself whether double texting the crush would come off too strong or it would be acceptable in the nascent stages of your chat friendship. With a raised finger, the ego will dare you, swearing on your self-respect.

Don't listen to it. Send that meme.

Pick something relatable that you know will evoke a response from your prospective beau. It's always a good choice to go for a meme that you can say reminds you of them; people feel special when they are remembered. Or one that makes a reference to something your crush said in an older chat; it will show you were really listening to them. It can even be an animal video; the cute factor in them always works.

Don't let awkward silences daunt you. Take a meme and break it down.

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