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Seven Things Every Guy Should Know And Follow About Correct DM Hygiene

approach girls online
Wanting to approach girls online, boys often make cardinal mistakes that lead them to be straight up blocked or left at seen, because their messages come across as more creepy less flirtatious. From dating apps to regular picture apps and even on LinkedIn at desperate times, a woman is never beyond the reach of men sliding into her DMs. Look, we get it, the world outside is beyond limits and any chance at scoring a date is a fair game. But there are some basic hygiene rules that guys need to follow if they want to get noticed, and no, cheesy oneliners and corny jokes don’t make the cut.

For our generation, dating and texting go hand in hand, special thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, dating has been confined to social media. With colleges and recreational spots closing up owing to the COVID-19 restrictions, the traditional practice of love at first sight has changed a little too much to become love at first like.

Unfortunately, even this evolved practice of dating is not as subtle and simple as it sounds. It is not really aesthetic pictures or cool captions, but communication skills that matter the most. To make things more complicated, texting is very different from talking and thus might be more complicated than it is given credit to be.

approach girls online

However, this is where we come to your rescue and point out seven things that are necessary to maintain hygiene at DMs. Now these tips might not guarantee you a date, but sometimes it’s just about doing the right thing.

Do Not Text Impulsively And Repeatedly

If you have already sent out your first message, wait for her reply for a considerable amount of time. Social media can be more like an escape or recreation for many, hence, they might not consider texting or engage in conversations with strangers during their limited hours of escape. It necessarily does not need to have much to do with your DP- stop self-doubting!

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Know Your Boundaries

Considering the fact that you both are literally strangers before approaching them, or say you are trying to talk to them after years, asking the concerned about their relationship status or location details does not seem to be the most accurate way of engaging in a conversation. In case you overstep the line, the other person might end up ghosting you.

Be Truly Yourself

While taking over the character of someone else, lying about your life experiences might sound tempting. However, you must not consider the option if you have some serious long-time plans. Even if you don’t have long term plans, lying to someone on the internet is not just unimpressive, it is downright wrong. Best case scenario, even if the person gets impressed by your lies and “role-playing”, you will never be able to take things to the next level just because of the fact that the concerned will indeed find out about the fraud and that way things will end in a rather ugly way.

Do Not Over-Expect

Just because someone has replied to you previously, it does not necessarily mean they are bound to do so every time. The reason for the same might be the other person was being polite in the first instance or is not really in the mental place to have a “deep” conversation. Whatever the reason be, it surely has nothing to do with how you look or any other physical attribute for that matter, that’s for sure.

Replies Don’t Always Mean A Green Flag

There are actually a lot of extrovert or talkative people out there on social media. Many might also choose to spend their time online just because they need to chat with someone. In that case, they might text you back every time or maybe start conversations in the first place. This necessarily does not mean they want to date you or are “lonely”. In short, replies don’t mean “oh! they are interested in dating me”.

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Right Text At The Right Time

Considering you are not texting someone far beyond your time zone, do recheck the clock before texting someone online. Although many actually enjoy midnight convos and claim that such conversations are vulnerable and real, get to know the person before doing so. After you have had a connection and you know the other person is comfortable as well, midnight-convos are indeed a pretty great plan. However, a “hi, what you doin’?” from a stranger on the internet at 2.30 in the morning comes across as awkward if not creepy.

Pick-Up Lines

If pick-up lines are your go-to solution for impressing someone, you belong in the 90s when the internet was not cheap and pick-up lines were not overused. However, it is really a matter of concern if you really believe cheesy pick-up lines are actually going to work, because, they’re not and there is no better way of putting it out. Although puns are a proven effective method of flirting, overusing them might annoy your partner away.

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