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Who Is Sophie? Countess Of Wessex Opening Up About Menopause

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Sophie Countess of Wessex: The royal family made headlines for breaking the stigma around menopause as the Queen’s daughter-in-law shared her experience of going through the same recently.

Addressing the same, she mentioned that it is made to feel like a “shackle”. Taking to their official social media accounts, the Royal Family shared Sophie’s take on menopause. The caption of an Instagram post mentioned, “Nobody talks about periods. Nobody talks about menopause. Why not?”

The mother of two believes menopause to be a celebration of the fact that we don’t have to have periods anymore, “it should be a liberation, but it feels like a shackle. It’s described as something incredibly negative.”

Who Is Sophie, Countess of Wessex?

  • Sophie Helen Rhys-Jones tied the knot with the Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward in the year 1999 following which she became the countess of Wessex and the daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • She originally descends from King Henry IV of England and is related to the family of the Viscounts Molesworth.
  • Prior to beginning her work as a full-time member of the British royal family, she used to run her own business. Presently, she patrons over 70 charities and organisations, including Childline and the London College of Fashion. She has the responsibility of volunteering over 200 engagements per year and also visiting schools universities and military bases.
  • She also works in a charitable organisation that aims at improving the lives of disabled people, securing women’s rights and others.

The interaction assigned Sophie as a patron for the Wellbeing of Women, a women’s health charity dedicated to saving and changing the lives of women, girls and babies through pioneering research. She expressed her gratitude on the same by saying, “I’m delighted to take on this role. I have a vested interest in it.”

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