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Who Is Shiadanni? Instagrammer’s Quippy Guacamole Recipe Is A Viral Hit

Who Is Shiadanni
Who is Shiadanni: Think you know how to make guacamole? Think again. With her sharp-tongued take on the culture around this Mexican avocado dip, a content creator on Instagram is pulling back all the layers on how actually the dish is best made.

Donning a massive straw hat and pink garb, Shiadanni introduces fans to her ‘glam kitchen’ where the recipe she presents could have guacamole aficionados doubting themselves on whether they had been eating the right thing all along. She begins with reprimanding viewers for not knowing how to pick a ripe avocado and carving it perfectly before she goes ahead and shows them exactly how it’s done.

“How did we find that out? I don’t know. We just have to pass the wisdom to the next civilisation,” she declares in her now viral video.

She seasons her avocado, cilantro, onion, tomato mix with lemon and tongue-in-cheek humour. After rounds of passionate chopping and mixing, her guacamole is ready. Much to the amusement, and possibly some inspiration, of her followers.

Watch her in action here: 

Who Is Shiadanni, The Internet’s Favourite Guacamole Woman?

A Canadian social media star and independent musician, Shiadanni has fast propelled her popularity on the internet over the last decade to include over 225,000 followers on Instagram. She hails from Guadalajara in Mexico, with her work – content videos as well as music -heavily influenced by her culture.

Kitty Mama and Turn On My Brain are her latest tracks, received to wide acclaim. Her sound, she described on her website, is a mix between R&B and moody hip-hop. Aside from making music, Shiadanni is a vocal advocate of mental health awareness and strives to speak of it through her art and content.

Her quirky social media personality straddles comedy and aesthetic with ease, making her an internet favourite. More so now with her guacamole recipe putting the spotlight on her.