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Who Is Janaki Omkumar From The Viral Rasputin Dance Video?

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Janaki Omkumar: Two medical students from Thrissur Medical College, Kerala went viral after they posted a video of a dance performance. Janaki M Omkumar is one of the people who can be seen in the video.

In the viral video, Janaki M Omkumar and Naveen K Razak can be seen dancing on the song of the vocal group Boney M’s song Rasputin. The video was first posted on Omkumar’s YouTube channel and Razank’s Instagram account. The video went viral and more than two million people saw it on Instagram.

Who is Janaki Omkumar?

  • Janaki M Omkumar is a medical student who got viral through a viral dance video.
  • She is a third-year student of Thrissur Medical College, Kerala also with Naveen K Razak, who is a fourth-year student of the same college.
  • The viral video was uploaded on her Youtube Channel in which she danced with precise footwork and clean moves. Many people on social media praised the video and the dance saying that it added a cheerful environment during a hard time of the pandemic.
  • Her dance performance was based on and inspired by dancer Vanesa Seco’s choreography.
  • In response to the video, some negative comments have also emerged and some communal posts have been seen on social media.
  • In the comments, a man Krishna Raj from Kerala, who is reportedly an advocate said that Janaki’s parents should be careful, and if they do, then they would not have to be sorry later.
  • The man was indicating that Razak being a Muslim would cause trouble for Omkumar and her family and that they should be aware of him. He was referring to Nimisha who converted to Islam and left for Afganistan
  • This comment is being heavily criticised on social media. Omkara’s friend Razak who also appeared in the video with her said, “We are a new generation. We are not bothered by this.”
  • Regarding the issue, Omkara said that her family was unbothered by such remarks and they did not even take those comments worthy of a response.

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