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What Is Dry Scooping? Major Health Concerns Arise Over Viral TikTok Trend

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The dry scooping TikTok trend, latest in a worrisome line of dangerous internet challenges, has prompted health professionals to sit up and urge netizens to take note of the hazards it presents. The popular video-creating app is under fire for giving platform to risky business that involves creators swallowing dry protein powder pre-workout, as opposed to diluting it with water as recommended.

The TikTok trend has caught on primarily among fitness enthusiasts on the app but has lured many others to give it a shot too. While doctors are recognising the issue of downing a massive spoonful of dry powder, ever-persistent concerns around the side effects of consuming excess stimulants and energy boosters have erupted as well.

Risks of choking, pneumonia and infection have been highlighted by researchers in New York, as per the BBCBut videos of the trend continue to surface. This, despite the scare that a viral story of a 20-year-old’s heart attack, thanks to dry scooping, sparked in May this year.

Briatney Portillo revealed on social media that after ingesting the pre-workout powder, there was a “heavy feeling” in her chest, some pain and an itchy feeling all over. “The pain went to my back and to my left arm and my left arm went slightly limp, so I knew those were symptoms of a heart attack,” she told BuzzFeed

She survived and is now advocating for better safety with online trends.

Why Are People Doing The Dry Scooping TikTok Challenge?

Though manufacturers of pre-workout protein powders suggest mixing their products with water, dry scooping challenge takers claim their method energises and hits the body faster. These booster powders usually contain significant amounts of caffeine and artificial ingredients that are detrimental when consumed at once without due dilution. Doctors say they can lead to increased blood pressure, heart rate and palpitations.

As per a study conducted in the United States quoted by Metro“Several pre-workouts have been banned for containing substances such as DMAA and Synephrine.” It is also observed that though these powders are marked 18+, many teens are consuming them.

Many are likening the dry scooping TikTok trend to the viral cinnamon challenge from a decade ago, which involved video creators eating a scoop of the ground spice at once without water. In recent times, several such bizarre trends – such as the milk crate challenge – have become cause of concern among users and doctors.

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