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Watch: World Record Holder Stefanie Millinger Can Sit L-Shaped For Five Minutes

Stefanie Millinger
Austrian athlete Stefanie Millinger has made it to the world records yet again for attempting an extreme sitting position that postures her body in an L shape. Her feat, shared by Guinness World Records on their Instagram page, records her time at five minutes and fifteen seconds.

29-year-old Millinger is a six-time world record holder and has been actively working out for over ten years. Her social media features extreme balance and high-intensity stunts that leave over 500,000 followers in awe.

She is among the most prominent young contortionists online. Watch her Guinness performance here. Fans are applauding her in the comments, wowed by her skill.

Millinger’s work last year caught the eye of American singer Alicia Keys, who shared a video of the acrobat balancing herself off a cliff:

Stefanie Millinger Breaks Down Her Technique: Here’s What Fans Love

In an interview with The Red Bulletin last year, Millinger revealed she has previously been invited by Cirque du Soleil, the largest modern circus showrunner in the world, to participate. Since she sees herself as an artist, she has preferred staying away from showbiz.

On why she started out with hand balancing and extreme sport at a young age, Millinger said, “I enjoyed the sensation and I gradually increased the number of minutes I could stay balanced on my hands.” With a combination of “core, strength and stretching exercises,” she practised vaulting before school since she was 13.

As per her Instagram stories, Millinger has worked hard to get to where she is, without taking even a day’s leave from workout since the day she started exercising.

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