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“Leave Vada Pav Alone!” Dubai’s Gold Twist To Street Snack Isn’t Sitting Well With Desis

gold vada pav
How do you feel about the existence of something called the gold vada pav? Well, it’s too late to think over it because apparently it already exists. A restaurant in Dubai has engineered an odd little golden curiosity that converts the barely priced Mumbai street snack into a valuable that best belongs inside a bank locker.

A video of O’Pao DXB’s new creation, which has the desi fried potato-stuffed patty covered with 22-carat gold sheets, has gone viral on social media, generating a volley of reactions from Twitterati counting the vada pav among their favourite snacks.

The gold dish reportedly costs AED 99, which when converted to Indian currency is almost a whopping Rs 2000. The number of street vada pavs one could afford at that price!

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Dubai’s Gold Vada Pav: A Yay Or Nay For Indians?

The vada pav is a Mumbai staple, believed to have been created in the city and rooted in Marathi culture. The ‘vada’ is a fried potato fritter while ‘pav’ is soft bread, made flavourful with a combination of chutneys and sauces. Over the years, the vada pav has been subjected to inter-cultural renditions, some affordably priced and some exorbitantly so.

But no matter the price, netizens say, the heart of the food is in the easy, no-frills convenience of it; fast food put together by a street vendor’s adroit hands and munched down for a quick hunger fix.

“This is what’s wrong with the world: too many rebels without a cause,” one Twitter user wrote sharing the viral video of Dubai’s gold vada pav. “Tampering with Masala Dosa, Vada Pav should be termed illegal,” another wrote.

“Mom I’m scared they’re wrapping vada pav in gold,” one user said.

“I still prefer my Khopoli vada pav of Datta Snacks,” another wrote.

Image: Gulfbuzz, TikTok 

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