Heartwarming! Single Dad Reaches Reddit To Help His Daughter With Her First Periods

Single Dad took up to the internet to ask for advice to help his 12-year-old daughter with her first periods. We are in the times of new-age parenting!

Bhavya Saini
Jan 12, 2022 17:52 IST
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Single Dad reached out to netizens to help his 12-year-daughter deal with her first menstruation cycle. He received many useful pieces of advice to soothe her pain and make her feel comfortable by Reddit users. The father is being appreciated by the netizens for his concern and attempt to help his daughter during a major development of her life.

By connecting people across the world, the internet can serve as a very useful platform to gain knowledge and information and educate oneself about various topics. Recently, a single dad reached out to the internet to ask for advice on how he could help his daughter with her first menstruation cycle.

The plea was put up on social networking platform Reddit and the users quickly came out to rescue the father from him dilemma.

Here's the story of Reddit Dad trying to the best by his daughter:


Reddit users helped the father with useful and simple advices he could follow to make his daughter feel more comfortable and secure during a major transformation of her life. They advised reassuring her with motivation, comforting her with her favourite food, hot water bottles for her period cramps and suggestions about various menstrual products and how they can be used in the proper way.


Not only this, the netizens also lauded the father for being so concerned towards his daughter and being a good father by ensuring her safety and well-being.


Seeing such love and support, it is safe to hope that new-age parenting which is about being articulate about feelings and concerned about children’s well-being. Gone are the times when fathers were rigid and dispassionate entities who were indifferent to any kind of love and compassion as they bottled up their emotions inside the prejudiced flasks of toxic masculinity.

Dear fathers like the Reddit Dad, we are all proud of you for standing up to create a difference in the society that will help make it more sensitive and sympathetic towards each other. We appreciate you for breaking the stereotypes and trying to end the long outstanding stigmas around menstruation. We need more understanding and humane men like you!

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