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Meet Malin Fezehai, Award-Winning Photographer Behind Malala’s Dreamy Wedding Shoot

Malin Fezehai
On November 9, Nobel Laureate and women’s rights activist Malala Yousafzai took to social media to announce her marriage to her partner, Asser Malik. Her autumnal-toned wedding photoshoot in Birmingham, United Kingdom, where the nikah ceremony took place, has taken the internet by storm for its perfectly captured moments. The name behind the lens is photojournalist Malin Fezehai’s.

Fezehai’s body of work includes extensive visual reporting that is held in high regard globally for its impactful storytelling quality. She has covered over 30 countries, as per her website, and through her camera, brought organic stories of refugees, conflict, displacement and world traditions to the fore.

Her profile shows association with The Malala Foundation, a non-profit founded by Yousafzai advocating for girl child education, among other establishments like TIME, The New York Times, Apple, Nike and the United Nations.

Crediting Fezehai, Yousafzai shared snaps from her nikah that showed her hand-in-hand with Malik, signing marriage documents and sitting with her parents. See below: 

How Malin Fezehai Came To Photograph Malala’s Wedding

On her own social media, Fezehai gave behind-the-stage glimpses of herself shooting the 24-year-old and her husband at her Birmingham home. She relates she came to follow Yousafzai’s story when the world came to know of her in 2012. As a young girl advocating for equal education opportunities in Pakistan, Yousafzai was shot in the head by an armed gunman of the Taliban terror outfit. She survived and her experience thrust her into international prominence.

For the past six years, Fezehai says she has worked with the Malala Fund and travelling with the organisation to expand the activist’s mission to ensure girls worldwide get secondary education. “Never in my wildest dreams did I think our paths would cross and I would be photographing her wedding,” she writes.

Her coverage of African refugees in Israel is counted among the most piercing works in her photography portfolio. Through her captures, Fezehai recounted the plight of people from Eritrea and Sudan, considered “infiltrators” in the country they sought asylum in. A photo she clicked of a marriage between Eritrean refugees became the first iPhone click to be honoured with the World Press Photo Award.

Fezehai hails from Sweden and has completed her education in photography from New York.

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