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New Zealand Woman Puts Husband For Auction For The Most Peculiar Reason

woman puts husband for auction
In New Zealand, an Irish woman puts husband for auction on a website. She even gave a full fledged and professional looking description that was hilarious and grabbed the attention of many people who came across it.

The Irish woman, Linda McAlister, shared the screenshots on her Facebook account of the website where she put her husband, Jack McAlister, for auction and also shared the amusing reactions she got from the netizens. Anyone who saw the catchy description of Jack on the site could not help but respond and to add on to the fun, Linda even received 12 bids for her husband.

Irish Woman Puts Husband For Auction

Linda, an Irish woman put her husband for auction on Trade Me website. Apparently, Jack went on an impromptu 2 day fishing trip leaving Linda alone with their two kids. As a payback, she put her 37-year-old husband for sale with a funny, informative and realistic description. She described him as ‘used’, ‘6’1′, ‘Rising 37’ of ‘Decent Breeding’. The description becomes funnier with every line.

Some of the properties that she listed in the description include “Should remain loyal if kept fed and hydrated regularly”, “Still needs some house training, I have neither the time nor the patience at the moment” and “Well handled, a number of previous owners. Hard to catch but self loads and travels well. A lot less noise if he travels as the driver”.

As soon as the woman put her husband for auction, even the users on the site joined in on the fun. She started receiving reactions and questions. Someone asked her if he was fat, what was he fed, does he comes with a collar and when were his teeth cleaned. One of them even asked her to swap for an older one, better house trained and not very good at hunting.

Jack, now a product on Trade Me for sale, got 12 bidders who were ready to ‘buy’ him and bidding soon rose to $100. Luckily, Jack was saved from being sold off as the website deleted the auction ad due to policy disagreement. Even the website’s team was shocked to see this as James Ryan, company’s policy and compliance manager, issued his statement saying “It was the first time in recent memory they had seen someone list their spouse for sale”.

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